The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) is hosting a series of webinars dedicated to the Fifth National Climate Assessment. Please join to learn more about each chapter, ask questions, and hear directly from the chapter authors. Register at the links below!

November 27: Overview

November 28: Built Environment

November 29: US Caribbean (Spanish)

November 30: US Caribbean (English)

December 4: Water

December 5: Forests

December 6: Southeast

December 6: Southern Great Plains

December 7: Energy

January 9: Northwest

January 10: Earth System Processes

January 11: Mitigation

January 12: Ecosystems

January 17: Alaska

January 18: Agriculture, Rural Communities, and Food Systems

January 19: Tribes and Indigenous Peoples

January 22: Coastal Effects and Blue Carbon

January 23: Oceans

January 26: Complex Systems and Compound Extreme Events

February 12: Social Systems and Justice

February 13: Hawaii and US-Affiliated Pacific Islands

February 14: Human Health and COVID-19

February 15: Adaptation

February 16: International

February 20: Midwest

February 21: Transportation

February 22: Northeast

February 23: Southwest and Western Wildfire

February 27: Northern Great Plains

February 28: Air Quality

March 4: Economics and Supply Chains

March 12: Indicators

March 15: Land Cover and Land Use Change


Additional Resources on the NCA5:

  1. NCA5 report website
  2. Explore the NCA Atlas
  3. Listen to the NCA5 Companion Podcasts and Overview audiobook
  4. Watch the announcement made by President Biden
  5. View the White House Fact Sheet (En Español)
  6. View the White House Fact Sheet on Regional Impacts
  7. USGCRP is also planning a series of webinars for each NCA5 chapter, beginning in late November. Find details and registration links here.

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