As First Nations take legal actions to stop TMX1, we’re moving to make sure that this project doesn’t get the backing it needs to ever become a reality. Pipeline and tanker projects need insurance in order to operate — so we’re intercepting executives’ plans to push dirty fuels for profit.

Join us in demanding Liberty Mutual, Chubb and AIG drop insurance coverage of the Trans Mountain pipeline and rule out insuring the entire tar sands sector.

Jeanne,Right before the COVID-19 crisis hit, the Canadian courts greenlit the Trans Mountain (TMX) pipeline — a reckless project that would increase tanker traffic through shared Washington and British Columbia waters by seven hundred percent, endangering the already struggling Southern Resident orca population.2

Tar sands pipelines are the epitome of risk: for Indigenous communities, waterways, the climate, and public health. But without insurance, new tar sands pipelines cannot be built, and existing infrastructure cannot continue to operate.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the fossil fuel industry is accelerating its planet-wrecking agenda. Despite social distancing measures, construction on TMX has already started. With construction comes the installment of “man camps” which have been linked to violence against Indigenous women and to the spread of COVID-19 in Native communities.3

Send a message to Liberty Mutual, Chubb and AIG today: stop fueling climate chaos and insuring human rights abuses.

Stop Insuring Tar Sands
The shared Salish Sea, our tight-knit marine communities, the rights and survival of tribal nations, and our livelihoods are at risk. But, if these companies withdraw their financial support, it could spell the end for the Trans Mountain pipeline, and put any new tar sands projects on watch.By preventing tar sands expansion, we can pave the way for large-scale, transformative change towards a renewable energy future. Together, we can make our vision of a green, equitable Washington state for all a reality. Public pressure like this works. Seven insurance companies have already adopted policies on tar sands.4

Together, we can make Liberty Mutual, Chubb and AIG act. Speak up now!

Victoria Leistman
Organizer, Beyond Dirty Fuels

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