Hello, I’m writing because you’ve taken action on behalf of clean & just transportation during the state legislative session. Thank you!! 
With just 2 weeks to go in the session, a $22 billion 16-year transportation package at stake, I’m writing with a quick update, and 2 important ways to advocate for climate-friendly transportation (scroll down!).
Check out the graphic below for a quick read on the Senate and House transportation budgets; you’ll see right away that these proposals fall far short of what we need to reduce the climate pollution from our transportation system.


Both house and senate budgets would lock in billions and billions of car-centered highway spending for the next 16 years! The increases in climate-friendly transit & infrastructure for folks walking, biking and rolling, while a step forward, are a small fraction of the total, and nothing like action at the scale of the climate crisis. Sixteen years from now, it will be too late.  
Here’s how we can help:
(1.)  Join me and Transportation Choices Coalition in asking Senators to increase funding for transit and active transportation in the Senate’s 16-year transportation package: click here to send a letter to your state Senator
(2.)  The legislature is debating up to $22 billion in new transportation investments. Tell your legislators that any new revenue must be spent on clean & just transportation, and that carbon-pricing revenue should be invested in carbon-reduction measures, not new pollution! Now is the perfect time to send this message before the Senate hearing on the transportation package Monday. 


Thank you!
Ingrid, 350 Seattle