Tar sands are one of the most destructive fossil fuels on the planet. Trans Mountain is a gargantuan tar sands pipeline in Western Canada that’s in the works to EXPAND and further desecrate local ecosystems and drinking water, jeopardizing frontline communities and the climate.

Thanks to frontline communities, grassroots organizers, and people like you, 18 insurance companies have dropped this project – including giants like Zurich and Chubb – making household name, Liberty Mutual, a laggard when it comes to tar sands policies.

Liberty Mutual cares what their customers and potential customers think; they care what YOU think. That’s why they make their cutesy ads, have a jingle, and spend millions trying to create an image of the insurer next door. Let’s show them how we really feel about their misleading brand; about their company’s bad reputation as a top fossil fuel insurer backing human rights-violating tar sands pipelines, coal mines, and oil extraction globally.

Join us in overwhelming their social media, shedding light on their irony, and demanding they drop Trans Mountain now.

Tar sands release 3x as much greenhouse gas pollution as conventional oil. Trans Mountain already stretches over 710 miles across Western Canada. The plans in place for expansion would TRIPLE the pipeline’s oil capacity. Can you imagine the devastation on local ecosystems and communities from this massive expansion project?

Insurance companies move in packs. If Liberty Mutual – one of the most visible insurance companies in North America – steps away from this project, others WILL follow. That’s why we need your help demanding Liberty commit to dropping the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project NOW and adopt a tar sands policy.

Projects like Trans Mountain NEED insurance in order to happen. Without coverage, there is no project. It’s past time for Liberty Mutual to do what they’re supposed to do: cover damages and HELP people in case of disaster – not actively contribute to and drive disaster!

Tell Liberty Mutual they must drop Trans Mountain and adopt a tar sands policy.

Let’s have some fun in this fight and poke at the corporate giant where it hurts: their image.

For people and planet,

Mary Lovell
Insurance Campaign Coordinator
Rainforest Action Network



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