We’ll be honest — we’re angry. For over a year we’ve been calling on JPMorgan Chase to stop financing new tar sands pipelines. We’ve held huge protests, made front page news, and delivered a petition signed by 152,000 people. We’ve even met with the bank’s Pacific Northwest management.

Yet now we’ve learned that since Trump took office, JPMorgan Chase has quadrupled its investments in tar sands and increased its financing of coal by 2,100%—never mind the hurricanes brewing and the wildfires raging.

And it gets worse. Chase is also currently trying to block its own shareholders from introducing and voting on a resolution that would force it to complete a study into its tar sands investments.

We have no other option: on May 7th, we’re going to #ShutDownChase. Again.

May 7th will be a major national day of action targeting JPMorgan Chase. There will be actions in at least a dozen cities across the county, including San Francisco, New York, Dallas and, of course, Seattle. The day of action comes a week before Chase’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and it is the perfect time to make sure that its shareholders hear about its tar sands investments. To make this happen, we’re going to be need a lot of help.

Can you join us at our mass action meeting to get involved?

What: #ShutDownChase – Mass Action Meeting
When: Monday, April 30th, 630-830 PM
Where: 350 Seattle Office, 1919 E Prospect St, Seattle 98102

RSVP for the mass action meeting here.

And if you can’t make it, but want to attend on the action(s) on May 7th you can RSVP here.

In solidarity,
Alec and the #ShutDownChase team