Dear Jeanne,

It is 350 Seattle’s honor to announce the historic promotion to Executive Director of longtime 350 Seattle climate activist, volunteer, and current Deputy Director Shemona Moreno. Her start date is November 1st, a monumental date for our organization as we welcome the first Black and Latina Executive Director to lead 350 Seattle.

“I am proud to lead 350 Seattle in this next iteration of change. To further commit us to becoming an anti-rasict, multicultural organization fighting for just and resilient communities. I’m proud to be a woman of color, to be leading an org committed to fighting for climate justice.” Says Shemona. 

Shemona recently led 350 Seattle to create a strategic plan that emphasizes community connections to anti-racist groups, unions, and multi-generational organizing. Her vision for an organization that delivers positive climate policy and investments in climate resilience for Seattle had a win with the Healthy Through Heat and Smoke campaign this year. “By organizing with abolitionists, labor organizers, and community orgs we’ve proven that we are stronger together, that we can struggle together and achieve great things for our communities together.” Says Shemona

The recent heat waves and wildfire smoke this year, which impacted our Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities first and worst, illustrate the pressing need for people to get involved and do something meaningful to stop the climate chaos we’re experiencing. “I started as a volunteer back in 2016, I was inspired to stay involved by being given the opportunity to learn and take a leadership role. I felt purposeful and powerful in my engagement. And I doubled down by applying for a job to stay involved!” says Shemona.  It’s amazing for 350 Seattle to have an Executive Director like Shemona who draws folks in and inspires them to bring their creativity and energy to the climate movement.

Shemona is preceded by Executive Director Nicole Grant who is going on to lead public policy work in her union the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 46. “I came to love 350 Seattle while ED at MLK Labor. 350 Seattle is a group that knows how to engage allies! This last year we’ve shared together has been absolutely transformational and working with Deputy Director Shemona Moreno was one of the true joys. I’m excited to keep up the momentum at my new position, electrifying Seattle’s infrastructure and making sure it’s climate and union friendly.” Says Nicole, who plans to stay active in 350 Seattle as a donor and volunteer.

350 Seattle welcomes all to join us in celebrating the historic leadership of Shemona Moreno November 19th at our in-person annual fundraiser Intertwined to toast this extraordinary moment and support an organization that is making a difference through climate activism in Seattle.

In solidarity,

350 Seattle Board

P.S. You can celebrate with Shemona at Intertwined on November 19th! Get your tickets here.



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