Christi Belcourt 

Christi Belcourt is a Michif visual artist with Mânitow Sâkahikan ancestry, living in Lake Huron, Canada.

Belcourt respects the traditions & knowledge of her people, and her work often celebrates the beauty of the natural world. Her art is displayed in the National Gallery of Canada, the Indian and Inuit Art Collection, and Canadian Museum of Civilization, among others. In 2014 she was named Aboriginal Arts Laureate by the Ontario Arts Council & shortlisted for the Premier’s Award in 2015 and 2016.

Belcourt says,
“No amount of money can buy back a people’s river.
No amount of money can buy back the sea.
The Trans Mountain Pipeline cannot be built.
Because we love the rivers.
Because we love the sea.
Because we love this sacred earth.
We will defend our home.
We will defend our water.

Everything I do in my life is my love for the earth and my awe of it. This wondrous planet, so full of mystery, is a paradise. Everything – the plants, insects, winds, stars, rocks, animals, us – is a giant web of pure spirit. Nothing is separate from anything else. All life, even the rocks, need to be treated with respect. The sacred laws of this world are respect and reciprocity. When we stop following them, we as a species are out of balance with the rest of the world.”