I took the online canvassing training.  Figured it’d help talk to folks about 1631.  Better done on zoom than phone, but it worked – and I did learn more!


From Alec:

1631’s canvassing operation is off and running — but so is the opposition. The oil industry has now poured nearly $10 million into opposing I-1631. This makes our work even more important; we know this is going to be a huge fight, and the only way we can win against Big Oil’s money is getting out there: knocking on doors, making phone calls and talking to our friends and community members.

There are 3 ways for you to help ensure that I-1631 passes this week:

  1. Sign up for a Yes on 1631 Canvass shift this weekend! (Canvass shifts = 2 hours)
  2. Send an email to your friends and contacts using Voter Circle (15 mins)
  3. Register to take the online Yes on 1631 Canvass Training. Trainings are online every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 (training = 1 hour)
Big Oil may have the money, but together we have the heart and soul needed to win this.

With gratitude,
350 Seattle

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