Right now in Argentina, oil giant YPF has huge plans to expand fracking in the Vaca Muerta region – projects that would dump toxic waste, cause oil spills and release huge amounts of CO2 pollution into the atmosphere.

YPF and big banks are profiting as local communities in Argentina suffer from cancer, fires, earthquakes, and poisoned water caused by fracking.

To stop this deadly project, we need to stop money flowing to it. We do that by raising our voices and pressuring funders – including U.S. banks – to stop bankrolling companies like YPF.

Jeanne, you’ve already taken the first act of solidarity by signing our petition demanding U.S. banks stop funding this destruction in Argentina. Thank you.

Now, we hope you’ll continue to show your support by watching and sharing the video we produced exposing what fracking is doing to people in Argentina.

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This is fracking video screenshot

It’s on us to make sure as many banks as possible withdraw their support for a project that would release up to 50 billion tons of CO2 into our atmosphere.

These banks should be funding a just transition to renewable energy instead – bringing real progress, good jobs and climate justice to communities in Argentina.

If we keep building the pressure, we know we can stop this destructive project – but we need your help to get there. Will you help grow the movement by watching our new video about the impacts of fracking?

In solidarity,

Team 350


PO Box 843004, Boston, MA 02284-3004

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