54 days. The last five years of work hinges on what we do in the next 54 days.

It’s going to take a near unprecedented grassroots campaign to win this election. So if you’ve been waiting to get involved, now is the time.

Join us Tuesday for an evening with Bill McKibben!

Our friend, Author, and founder of 350.org will join us for an evening at Washington Hall to talk about the Climate Crisis and the opportunity for action with 1631. He’ll be joined by EarthJustice President Amy Dillen and other special guests.

We need a few more volunteers, sign up here and be sure to RSVP on Facebook

Time to hit the phones!
Our calling program is up and running! We need to fill 2,500 calling shifts between now and election day. Unlike canvassing you can use our dialer from the comfort of your couch, with just your laptop and phone. Can you call from home? Signup for a calling shift here!

Small Business Endorsements  – We have signs for small businesses and a goal of sweeping up 200 small business endorsements. Ask your favorite coffee shop, your yoga studio, or maybe you own your own small business. Email Lauren@yeson1631.org to request signs and we’ll mail them to you.

Volunteer Resources!

1. Watch our canvass training video

2. Watch a recording of our canvassing/messaging webinar

3. Read our inspiring “Plan To Win” to learn exactly who we’re talking to, and the most important roles you can play.

4. Check out our calling guide and hop on the phones for I-1631!

If Jane Fonda can canvass, so can you!
Last week Jane Fonda took time out of her schedule to knock some doors for us. If she can do it you can too! Sign up for one of the canvasses below or check the map for the full list.

Endorsements this week
If you know a group who might endorse 1631 email Lauren@yeson1631.org

  • Washington Academy of Family Physicians
  • 47th Legislative District Democrats
  • Redhook Brewrey
  • Asia Pacific Cultural Center
  • Ethiopian Community Council
  • Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition
  • Khalsa Gurmat Center
  • OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates
  • Zunum Aero
  • APIC Yakima
  • APIC Snohomish
  • Refugee & immigrant Services Northwest
  • 21 Progress
  • Sustainable Seattle
  • Burien Councilmember Krystal Marx
  • Columbia Land Trust
  • Gary Larson
  • Hammerschlag & Co LLC
  • Kirkland Councilmember, Penny Sweet
  • Sweet Earth Farm
  • Spoon Full Farm
  • Washington Water Trust
  • Beneficial State Bank
  • 8th Legislative District Democrats
  • Anacortes Councilmember Bruce McDougall
  • Bainbridge Island Mayor Kol Medina
  • Bainbridge Island Deputy Mayor Joe Deets
  • Kirkland Councilmember Tom Neir
  • Port of Bellingham Commissioner Michael Shepard
  • US Congresswoman Susan Delbene
  • Mercer Island Councilmember Tom Acker
  • 34th Legislative District Democrats

In the Media

Top 20 Canvassers for doors knocked  this week:

  • Don Steinke 605 – Vancouver, WA
  • Andrew Brinkhaus 563 – Issaquah, WA
  • Mason Rolph 440 – Olympia, WA
  • Richard Lipsky 426 – Kenmore, WA
  • Kristin Edmark 410 – Battle Ground, WA
  • Neal Anderson 393 – Sammamish, WA
  • Jasmine MacLean 361 – Olympia, WA
  • Carter Morfitt 295 – Bellingham, WA
  • Rachel Molloy 293 – Redmond, WA
  • Richard Voget 261 – Seattle, WA
  • Myra Harmer 250 – Bellingham, WA
  • Sarah Sachs 249 – Tacoma, WA
  • Jim Cook 236 – Lakewood, WA
  • Brian Emanuels 229 – Mercer Island, WA
  • Barak Gale 223 – Olympia, WA
  • Rylan Anderson 217 – Seattle, WA
  • Sasha Smith 215 – Belingham, WA
  • Lynn Lichtenberg 203 – Everett, WA
  • Martha Sshammer 191 – Bellingham, WA
  • Jonathan Shi 188 – Sammamish, WA

Volunteer Highlight of the week:

This week we want to highlight Pauline Druffle of Spokane, WA. Pauline has been on the campaign since the signature gathering drive. Local organizer, Jennyfer Mesa says she is a stellar volunteer recruiter calling in the evenings to build our Spokane program. Thanks to her work, we have over 30 canvass shifts heading out across the eastern part of the state this weekend. Thanks for all that you do, Pauline!

Canvass/Message Training Webinar 

Want to get a head start on the canvassing script? Want to know the tips and tricks on how to answer hard questions at the door? We’re holding two webinars a week for folks to learn how to talk about this campaign at the door and how to answer frequently asked questions. (Note: It is not required to attend one of these before attending a canvass, just some extra prep!)

You can join the training on Tuesday or Thursday from 7:00pm – 8:00pm: RSVP FOR A WEBINAR HERE

Spread the word with VoterCircle

Volunteers have sent over 15,000 emails through VoterCircle. Have you joined them yet? Click here to start messaging your friends

If you missed it, VoterCircle is a rad new friend-to-friend outreach tool that lets you ID which of your friends are Washington Voters and quickly send them a message about the campaign.

Write a letter to the editor (LTE)
Thanks to everyone who submitted letters to the editor last week! Remember the best letters are personal stories that explain why you believe in 1631, as opposed to policy explanations. We’ve created an LTE guide with some great samples Check it out here

You can also run your LTE’s by jack@yeson1631.org if you want feedback.

We can do this. But we can only do it together. As always, thank you for inspiring me.

Ahmed Gaya
Field Director, Yes On 1631
4347 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
206-535-6617 (office)
773-960-2587 (cell)

Connect with other climate justice stewards by joining our SLACK Channel or our Facebook group.

Volunteer Code of Conduct:
Yes On 1631 Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. To ensure everyone is respected and empowered on our campaign we’ve established a volunteer code of conduct. Please read it here.


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