Hello dear 350 PNW climate organizing friends,

I’m writing to you from my new inbox and my new role at 350 Seattle! This coming Monday we’ll gather together for our first regional call in a while.
I’m looking forward to seeing your amazing faces! This community space is still open to all active volunteers at 350 local groups across the region, so bring your organizing friends and let’s keep building a resilient regional climate community together.
350 PNW Conversations Call
6pm, Monday, May 17th


Grace Hope (they/them)

Leadership Development Director with 350 Seattle
Network Facilitator with the 350 WA Network
Organizing on the ancestral lands of the Puyallup Tribe and Coast Salish peoples
Ps, have a special update or photos or content to add to our discussion? Email me ahead of the call and I can include it in our time together!