Hi all –

Thanks so much to all of you who made yesterday’s call that was organized by the Movement for Black Lives and co-hosted by climate & environmental justice groups. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the call due to a prior commitment; however, I wanted to make sure and share this great report back from our friend, Roberta. (Thanks Roberta for allowing me to re-share this here!)

The main organizers are unlikely to share the recording for security reasons, so if you have any specific questions that the notes don’t cover, email me directly.There is no climate justice without racial justice. We cannot demand a just recovery from the pandemic or climate change without addressing the systemic violence and extraction towards Black communities. If we are serious about transforming the current finance system into a just system that no longer fuels the destruction of our planet, we must learn to be more intersectional in the work that we do and commit to dismantle the systems of white supremacy that ultimately lie at roots of what we are fighting against. I encourage you to read the following piece by Tamara Toles O’Lauglin and this blog post by Hop Hopkins for deeper dives into the intersections.

On the call, the M4BL had three main asks of the climate and environmental community:

  1. Elevate and amplify the SIX NINETEEN mobilization this weekend in honor of Juneteenth in your social media and other networks
  2. Support actions in your communities that are black-led or accountable to black leadership (actions map can be found here)
  3. Donate in support of the mobilization


  • As you take to the streets or support the mobilization remotely, please follow these principles
  • Stay on message! Especially if you are part of a white-led progressive community organization, please challenge yourself to follow black leadership and do not undercut the 3 demands of the action
    • Defund the Police
    • Invest in Black Communities
    • Call for the Resignation of Donal Trump
      • More on messaging and talking points can be found here
  • If you are showing up to the various actions in person, check out the Covid 19 Action Protocols
Lastly, I also wanted to share that our friends at Rainforest Action Network will be hosting a Know Your Rights webinar on Thursday, 5PM PDT to make sure we “know our rights” before we hit the streets. Legal workers will discuss our constitutional rights and how to assert them when interacting with police in various situations and settings. Please promote the webinar in your networks and consider attending the training if helpful. You can register here.

Thank you all!

In Solidarity,


Movement for Black Lives: Important Links and Resources

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