Stop the Trump administration’s dangerous fracked gas project

Tell the Army Corp of Engineers and Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality not to grant Clean Water Act permits for the dangerous and dirty Jordan Cove fracked gas project.
A crucial deadline is coming up in just a few days! 

Submit an official public comment now.
Dear Jeanne,

This dangerous project has been stopped twice already — now, the Trump administration wants to push through this dangerous and dirty fossil fuels project again. It’s up to us to stop it once and for all. A crucial deadline is coming up in just a few days.

Submit an official public comment by Monday, August 20th, to make sure Clean Water Act permits are denied for the Jordan Cove project. 

For thirteen years now, communities in Oregon have fought bravely against the Jordan Cove project — a scheme by a Canadian developer to ship fracked gas overseas through a 230-mile pipeline and a massive export terminal on the Pacific coast — the only project like this on the US West Coast.

We are in the final days of open comment periods with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. These agencies are determining if Jordan Cove complies with the Clean Water Act. (Hint: it doesn’t.)

Jordan Cove would put nearly 500 rivers and streams at extreme risk of pollution, dredging, and degradation in already drought-stricken areas. Jordan Cove would also be a climate disaster, adding at least some 37 million metric tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere annually.

Add your official public comment to tell the federal government and the State of Oregon not to grant Clean Water Act permits to the Jordan Cove project by Monday, August 20th. 

Fracked gas is wreaking havoc on public and private land, on Tribal lands, wildlife, drinking water, and our climate. Fracked gas pipelines have been stopped before in New York, Maryland, and Oregon when thousands upon thousands of people sent in comments against granting Clean Water Act permits, and we can do it again here.

Speaking out against this now will not only help make sure the dirty and dangerous Jordan Cove project doesn’t get approved, it will send a strong signal to state leaders about the need to stand against this and other dirty fossil fuel projects as President Trump continues to try and push them through. The State of Oregon must hear from us all across the country.

Tell the federal government and the State of Oregon: Stop Jordan Cove. No fracked gas shipped from the West Coast!

Let’s do this,

Dineen O’Rourke,
Sierra Club, Oregon Chapter

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