Howdy CATs!


This will be our last CAT weekly update until January, so be sure to read below for everything going on before the legislative session begins!



What’s been going on this week?

  • Jess Wallach walked the bill tracking team through an excellent Equity Filter training in the bill trackers meeting last night!

  • The Comms team has been hard at work updating the 350 WA website for 2024! Check it out:

  • We had another Take Action Network (TAN) training at the end of last week for the Email Action Team.

    • Make sure to check out the Take Action Network Guide and visit Sarah Askey’s new office hours if you need any support as we start to navigate this new TAN network!

      • Keep in mind knowing how to use TAN will be especially helpful for Bill Trackers and the Email Action Team, but is also useful for all volunteers this session. We will be encouraging our Action Takers to use TAN next year, so for Comms and Data/Opps folks it is encouraged to become familiar with the TAN platform sooner than later.


What’s coming up?

  • Our December CAT Party at the 350 Seattle Office! Tomorrow 12/13 6-8pm

    • 6-8pm; 12/13 RSVP & details here; in-person and hybrid options

    • We found a way to combine multiple parties so we can find some time to celebrate together ahead of session

  • This week is action week for Futurewise, an organization we collaborate with and whose lead we follow on housing policy! The events include:



Community CAT Spotlight!


This week we are honored to share our community CAT, Pixel! Pixel is clearly just as ready for the holidays as the rest of us. I hope you can all channel some similar festive energy over the next few weeks! Thanks Ryan Driscoll for sharing Pixel with us 🙂 remember to email me ( to be featured in future community CAT spotlights!


Happy Holidays, CATs! See you next year (ba dum tss)!