Hi STMP friends,

We’re 2/3rds of the way through our first-ever monthly sustainer drive at STMP. We set a goal of 100 people signed up to be monthly donors by August 1st. With a week left to go, we’re 81% of the way there.

If you think we’re doing good work and want to contribute in that way, you can do so here.

I’ve also included the email that Sarah just sent out to our list about the drive below.

In solidarity
– Alec

I am writing to you today as a passionate advocate for change, committed to making a meaningful difference in the fight against the climate crisis. I want to share my personal story and why I am dedicating my life to this cause, as well as extend an invitation for you to support our work here at Stop the Money Pipeline by becoming a monthly sustainer.

My name is Sarah Lasoff and I’m 25 years old. For my entire life, I’ve witnessed the increasingly devastating impact of unchecked fossil fuel development. That’s why I started organizing to combat the climate crisis at just 16 years old. I’ve watched neighboring towns burn down due to wildfires and spent summer after summer choking on wildfire smoke in Oregon and California.

The degradation of our planet has fueled a deep sense of responsibility within me—a responsibility that has now grown into a deep commitment to confronting the institutions that are financing the destruction of our climate.

Stop the Money Pipeline was born out of this sense of urgency and responsibility. We’re a dynamic coalition of 230+ groups that is dedicated to ending financing for fossil fuels and deforestation. By targeting the banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions that enable these destructive industries, we strive to create systemic change that will ultimately enable our planet not just to survive, but to thrive.

I am proud of my work at Stop the Money Pipeline. I joined STMP in 2021. For my first 18 months, I ran the Customers for Climate Justice campaign. During that time, we organized tens of thousands of customers to demand that their banks stop financing fossil fuels and deforestation. It was exhilarating to see customers all over the country meet with bank staff and educate even more customers about their bank’s role in financing the climate crisis. Now, I’m deep in developing an exciting new campaign that we believe can play a key role in helping move Citibank, the world’s second-largest funder of fossil fuels. You’ll be hearing a lot more about that soon, and I hope you’ll join us for that campaign, as well.

But right now, we need your support to continue our vital work. We’re in the middle of our first-ever monthly sustainer drive. We set a goal of 100 monthly sustainers by August 1st.

Can you sign up to support our work and help us hit our goal?

As I reflect on the world I want to build for my future and leave behind for future generations, I’m driven to make a tangible, real world impact. I envision a world where financial institutions prioritize investments that help us build toward a better, healthier and more just world. And I believe deeply in Stop the Money Pipeline’s ability to help make that a reality.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Sarah Lasoff, Stop the Money Pipeline team

Alec Connon
Stop the Money Pipeline, coalition co-director
Writing: www.alecconnon.com

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