How are you doing more than two months into a global pandemic? I’ve had some pretty grim days, and I’m sure you have as well.

But one thing that helps is reminding myself of what I’m grateful for, especially when so many have gone through such hardship in this time. My loved ones and I are healthy, and that’s what’s most important. I hope yours are, too.

I’m also thankful to 350.org and the amazing work that the teams here continue to do, even when our plans needed to be revised. See below: Williams Pipeline in New York was stopped! And on June 5, we’ll co-host an online festival featuring an impressive global lineup of musicians and visionary activists.

Finally, I’m grateful for all of you, who support our mission to stop the climate crisis. I understand that some of you may be unable to keep up financial support right now, due to job loss and other uncertainties, and my hope is that you get back on your feet quickly. But for those of you who continue to give in this crucial time, know that we appreciate it immensely.

Hang in there friends,

Julie Hudson
Development Director

Win on Williams Pipeline!

Photo: Erik McGregor

A major fracked gas pipeline in New York City has been stopped for good thanks to a 3-year campaign supported by the Stop Williams Pipeline coalition, 350.org, and tens of thousands of New Yorkers. Williams pipeline would’ve cost $1 billion USD and pumped in 400 million cubic feet of gas every day. Read more

Announcing: A Virtual Festival for Our Planet

On June 5, World Environment Day, 350.org and Pathway to Paris will co-host a Virtual Festival for the Planet. Arundhati Roy, Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Angelique Kidjo, and many more musicians, activists, and thought leaders from around the globe will join together to chart a new path forward towards a Just Recovery. See the full line-up and help spread the word

350.org on PBS News Hour

In this segment, strong women movement leaders talk about challenges and opportunities for climate organizing under COVID-19. Hear from youth climate striker Xiye Bastida, our North America Director Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, and others. There’s even coverage on the organizing resources we’ve put out so far: including a hundreds-strong online webinar about a Just Recovery. Watch

Pacific Pawa Up Fellowship

Photo: 350 Pacific

50 people from across the Pacific have joined an exciting 3-month long online series of training, webinars, and skillshares to ‘power up’ their organizing skills. It equips young Pacific Islanders to do impactful climate justice organizing online, and to transfer these skills to offline organizing in the post-COVID-19 world. Read more

42 faith institutions divest!

Credit: Global Climate Catholic Movement and Luis Quintero

A global coalition of 42 faith institutions, from 14 countries around the world, has announced their divestment from fossil fuels with support from 350.org and partners. They’re urging governments to follow their moral leadership and focus on a low-carbon recovery from the pandemic that centers justice. Read more

New song: “Keep on striking”

Music is always an essential part of movements. 350.org worked with the Peace Poets who composed this powerful song “Keep on striking.” The music video brings together voices from our supporters all over the world to spotlight the importance of a just recovery, a just transition, and the courage of all climate strikers. Watch

Bill McKibben on 60 Minutes

“Now that the planet has hissed, ‘I will not be ignored’, how will we meet the climate emergency?” Watch as 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben looks at how the coronavirus pandemic is changing the course of history – and giving us a window to retool our systems to flatten the carbon curve, too. Watch