How much water is in your burger? 

Gallons of water:

2 slices bun bread – 22

3 slices of bacon – 108

1 slice cheese – 40

1 beef patty – 660

2 slices tomato – 1

1 leaf lettuce – <1/4

~830 gallons

Had to research this after watching “Eating our way to Extinction” now free on you-tube. Plant-based burgers:  Use 75-95% less water, use 93-95% less land and cause 87-90% fewer emissions!  This info is from UN environment assembly #SolveDifferent, Think Beyond/Live Within.

Can’t afford the “Impossible Burger”?  Try the suggestions of a 15 day plant based diet starting Dec. 1st on the 350Wenatchee website!  For 15 days we’ll  share the challenge from recent local Rotary presentation in our area.