Today marks five years to the day that Indigenous water protectors formed the Sacred Stone Camp — making history to stop the Dakota Access pipeline.

But the fight to stop the pipeline continues. In honor of this anniversary, Indigenous youth and organizers from the Dakota Access and Line 3 pipeline fights are arriving in Washington D.C. to demand that President Biden stops these fossil fuel projects.

Just like they did in 2016, Indigenous youth are running from Standing Rock to Line 3 all the way to Washington D.C. to deliver their petitions to President Biden.

No matter where you live, you can act in solidarity with these Indigenous youth by calling the White House today. Will you take two minutes to call now?

If thousands of people like you speak out, we can pressure Biden to stop this pipeline just like he stopped Keystone XL.

→ Call (888) 724-8946 ←

You’ll be connected to the White House Council of Economic Advisors where you’ll be asked to leave a voice message. If the inbox is full, submit a comment to the White House.

Hi, my name is Jeanne, and I’m calling from Cashmere.

Since the public comment line is closed, I’m calling to urge President Biden to revoke permits for all oil and gas pipelines like Dakota Access and Line 3, and stop approving all new fossil fuel projects. If the President is serious about addressing the climate crisis, he must keep fossil fuels in the ground and invest in the communities that bear the brunt of pollution and climate disasters.

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If built, the Line 3 pipeline would emit 193 billion tons of CO2 each year. That’s more than the entire state of Minnesota generates in a year.1

Nearly every day, water protectors who brave freezing temperatures to peacefully block the construction of the Line 3 pipeline are faced with increasing militarized police and private security forces.

Meanwhile, the Dakota Access Pipeline leaked five times in its first six months alone, causing destruction and life-threatening conditions to local communities and ecosystems.2

We know we’re up against powerful special interests, but people power will win. Stopping these pipelines are the biggest climate fights we face in this moment and winning is going to require thousands of people coming together, starting now.

Please take two minutes to make a call today to stop these pipelines, protect Indigenous rights, and save our climate for future generations.

With thanks,

Brooke Harper
Campaigns Specialist


1 – Star Tribune
2 – The Intercept


PO Box 843004, Boston, MA 02284-3004

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