Hi all –

We’d a really good call on Monday night! Apologies this is a little late in coming, but I wanted to follow-up with a few things from the meeting!

Welcoming new folks to the team!

I want to welcome 5 new folks to this list: Bill with Shut Down DC, Jeff with Rising Tide, Coleen with 350 Yakima, Jim with 350 Wenatchee and Richard with 350.org

Drown Jamie Dimon in Letters!
Many of us on the call agreed to work on a new tactic between now and next month’s call. We are going to get as many as many people as possible to sign letters to Jamie Dimon and then we will send them all to him at the same time. Our goal is 1,000 letters. Once we have 1,000 letters to Dimon (whether that’s in November or later!) we will coordinate so that we all mail them to him at roughly the same time.

To help us with this tactic, please put your name in this spreadsheet and select a goal of how many letters to Dimon you’re going to get signed by next month.

And, in case it’s useful, here is a sample letter to Jamie Dimon. Feel free to copy and paste this, or just to write your own letter.

On next month’s call, we will check-in on how many letters we have signed and if we are ready to send them.

Getting ready to bird dog Jamie Dimon!
Rainforest Action Network is planning to train people around the country to be able to bird dog Jamie Dimon and Chase executives all around the country. For an example of a good bird dog, check out this video. If you’re interested in receiving this training, please email Ruth: ruth@ran.org

As you hopefully saw from Abby’s last email, Climate Action Rhode Island is launching #TheCutTheChaseChallenge on Nov 22nd! Please see Abby’s last email, or contact Abby for more details or with questions! Abby is at: abigail.huber@gmail.com

Growing The Campaign!

One thing we didn’t talk about on the call. Following 350.org‘s post 9/20 call, we have the information of about 200 people who said they would like to get more involved in the campaign. We would LOVE help following up with these folks. This would involve having phone calls with people to fill them in on the campaign, the work and — possibly, depending on how that call goes — inviting them into join this campaign team. If you are able to help grow the campaign by helping with this outreach, please send me an email.

And… Chase’s climate crimes in the media!
The role of the financial sector is appearing more and more often in the media these days. Here are four articles from the last week or so that mention Chase & its role in the climate crisis:
And finally… our next call!

We will be having our next campaign call on Monday, November 11th. Please register for it now & we’ll send your a reminder a few days ahead of time!
What: Chase Campaign – Monthly Call
When: Monday, November 11th, 5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern
Where: Zoom. Register for the call details here.

And in case you want to just put them on your calendar… we have these calls the second Monday of every month.

Okay, I think that’s all — thanks all!

350 Seattle

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