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It’s been a busy day for those campaigning on JPMorgan. It was revealed that Chase lobbied the Trump Administration to bail out the fossil fuel industry, The Guardian reported on the deep ties between Wall Street boards & polluting industries, and Jamie Dimon’s hotly-anticipated annual letter to shareholders was released.

STMP, RAN and the Sierra Club collaborated on a response to Dimon’s letter. Our statement is available at any of the following links:

Any amplification of this breaking news is appreciated – thanks all!
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Hi All-
Lots going on for Chase today! CEO Jamie Dimon issued his annual shareholder letter with the Annual Report. For the letter, check out pages 19-20 on Sustainability & climate.
In response to the letter, please see a joint PR with RAN, STMP + Sierra Club: https://www.ran.org/press-releases/jamie-dimons-annual-letter/

Also, you may have seen these stories that came out today:

Banks pledge to fight climate crisis – but their boards have deep links with fossil fuels in The Guardian. Please note for those that have been following the Executives and Board: Board Members Todd Combs & the new Independent Director Stephen Burke are both named for their ties to Berkshire Hathaway.
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