Kevin —

Thinking about the fossil fuel industry makes my blood boil.

In the 1970s the industry’s scientists told its executives about climate change. Pause there for a moment: in the 1970s — a decade before I was even born —  the industry knew that its product was rapidly altering our climate and would cause vast human suffering. And what did the executives do? Did they warn the the world, did they tell the truth, did they invest their vast power and resources into alternatives? No. Over the next forty years, the fossil fuel industry spent tens of millions of dollars funding climate deniers, running disinformation campaigns and fighting climate action on every front.

Even now, when our skies fill with smoke summer after summer, as we watch hurricanes rip babies out of the arms of desperate mothers, when we see coral reefs die and ecosystems start to unravel: they are still doing it.

All over the world, they are still funding disinformation campaigns to stop action on climate change. Here in WA alone, the oil industry has now spent over $15 million on the disinformation campaign to defeat Yes on 1631. I have no words for how depraved that is.

But here in WA, we will not let them win — this is a fight we cannot and will not lose.

The only way we can defeat the power of the fossil fuel industry is with a massive people-powered, volunteer-driven campaign — and for that we need you.

With the oil industry vastly outspending us, we’re asking people to make some big commitments; including volunteering full-time for the campaign for 4 days, 1 week or 2 weeks. We know this is a big ask. But we also know the only way we can counter the money of the oil industry is with a true movement made up of everyday people putting things aside, making sacrifices, and taking time off work in order to do what they can.

Whether you have ten minutes to send some emails, or a couple of hours to do some phone banking from home, or are able to throw it all down and volunteer full-time for a month, we need YOU to volunteer for Yes on 1631.  

The next forty-two days will decide whether or not Washington becomes the first state in the country to put a price on carbon pollution and raise billions of dollars for investments in clean energy, clean air, and clean water in the process.

The fossil fuel industry is doing everything it can to stop us. We can’t let them.