Help us stop the expansion of a massive fracked gas pipeline that goes through Idaho, Oregon and Washington! 

The GTN Xpress Pipeline expansion would add more than 3.47 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year – that’s like putting an extra 754,000 passenger vehicles on the road each year, from now until 2052. Not only would this project be a disaster for our climate, it puts the health and safety of communities along the pipeline route at risk. But that’s exactly the business model that pipeline backer TC Energy promotes – you may remember them as the same fossil fuel company behind the failed Keystone XL Pipeline, and whose abysmal safety record WA State Senator Cantwell has highlighted in the Senate Commerce Committee.

With a decision from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) coming soon, now is a critical time to speak up against the project!

FERC’s comment process is complicated — so we’ve made it easy for you to take action! Fill out this short form with your name, contact info and comment. Our volunteer team will upload it to FERC’s website for you and send a confirmation to your email!

Can you send a comment to FERC opposing the GTN Xpress today? 

BONUS POINTS: Call Governor Inslee and our State Senators, and ask them to oppose this dirty, dangerous fossil fuel project! You can find their phone numbers and a sample script here. 

In solidarity,

Selden and Linnea, for 350 Seattle’s Federal Policy Team