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The 27 September Climate Strike in Santiago, Chile, where climate activists had since been preparing for UN Talks. Photo: Marcela Toledo

In Case You Missed It

COP 25: Chile’s government announced Wednesday that they’d suspend the 25th UN Climate Talks, which were set to start in Santiago on 2 December. Weeks of large, historic protests against rising inequality spurred the decision. is standing for the safety, equality, and freedom of speech of all Chileans, and called for re-scheduled climate talks that represent people, not polluters.

The UN just confirmed that COP 25 will move to Madrid, Spain on the same date. Sign the petition demanding a people’s climate summit without fossil fuel companies.

A helicopter battles the Getty fire in Los Angeles. Photo: Étienne Laurent/ EPA

State of emergency: Well over 300,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes and nearly 1 million lost power in California this week due to wildfires raging across the state. More destructive fires and a longer fire season are the new normal California, making serious action plans to address the climate crisis more urgent than ever. It makes the Trump administration’s move to start pulling the US out of the Paris Agreement this coming Monday even more appalling. Read more.

No more coal: Earlier today, as the Mekong-Japan summit of Asian governments kicked off in Bangkok, Thailand, activists delivered a petition demanding Japanese banks stop funding coal. They’re demanding major banks desist financing from Vung Ang 2 coal-fired power station in Central Vietnam.

See you in court: Indigenous Maori leader Mike Smith is taking on the CEO of a major Austrian oil company, OMV, at the International Criminal Court. On behalf of Indigenous communities — the first affected by oil companies’ digging and burning of fossil fuels — he aims to banish the company from Aotearoa New Zealand, and set a precedent for other parts of the world. Read more

Global Powershift in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013 united hundreds of passionate climate organizers from around the world to massively scale up the movement. Photo: Shadiya Fayne Wood

Celebrate: It’s been 10 years since’s first global day of action! We took stock of the past decade with a timeline of major moments throughout our 10-year history, and recorded interviews with 350 organizers to talk about the work that’s still ahead of us. Take a walk down memory lane with us, and if you are able to – wish 350 ‘Happy Birthday’ with a donation today:


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The Inside Story

“I will never simply hand over what centuries of struggle made mine — and I am not alone.”

Vic Barret is a 20 year-old Garifuna American climate activist from New York, and one of 21 plaintiffs suing the U.S. government on climate. In “Ancestral Resistance”, they talk about how identity impacts their activism, and show how communities bearing the worst impacts of climate crisis are also the most powerful advocates for change. Watch the 3-min video

The One to Watch

On Monday, just one week after Canada’s federal election, 27 young people were arrested in Ottawa for occupying the House of Commons. They were demanding that the newly elected MPs work together toward a Green New Deal for Canada. Watch the video and read more

That’s it for now. We’ll be back in two weeks with more climate movement news from around the world.

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