The Extinction Rebellion “Die In” and the “Baby Brigade”


Hello all,

Our next monthly local group call is coming up on Wednesday, June 12: Growing Resilience in the Time of Climate Anxiety.

The climate crisis and the climate organizing work that we do affects us each differently, and differently over time. Un-recognized and un-addressed climate grief, trauma and burnout are obstacles to well being and thriving and also to impactful, sustainable organizing.

Join Anna Goldstein, US Team Coordinator, to discuss some science, some philosophy and some strategies for personal and collective resilience. Barbara Ford, a volunteer with 350PDX, will also share examples of how her group is addressing these issues.

WHAT: Monthly local group call on Growing Resilience in the Time of Climate Anxiety

WHEN: Wednesday, June 12, at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern (60 minutes + a bit more if needed)

WHERE: On Zoom; register here

Please invite other members of your local group!

Take care,