Barely one month after President Biden approved the Willow Oil Drilling Project, he’s gone ahead and approved another massive fossil fuel project in Alaska. This latest project is known as the Alaska LNG export project, which would transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) through an 800-mile pipeline across the state.

This project is a direct betrayal by President Biden to the frontline and Indigenous communities who will be most impacted by this pipeline – as well as a betrayal of his own climate promises.

Jeanne, the Alaska LNG project would emit 10 times the amount of greenhouse gases as the Willow Project and lock us into 30 more years of planet-warming emissions. For the sake of our planet, we can’t allow this project to move forward.

Will you sign our petition calling on President Biden to reverse his decision and say #NoLNG? Public pressure has driven Biden to change course before, so we need as many supporters by our side as possible.

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Jeanne, though proponents may try to confuse us by calling it “natural gas,” it is not harmless and it is NOT a solution.

It’s a fossil fuel with the potential to cause hundreds of billions of dollars in climate damage and generate billions of metric tons of emissions that our planet simply cannot afford. The science is clear:

Our planet needs rapid decarbonization, which can only be driven by stopping any new fossil fuel infrastructure and moving forward with the transition to clean energy.

Additionally, a project of this scale completely undermines any progress the Biden Administration has made on renewable energy and electric vehicles. If Biden wants to call himself a climate president, he has to lead like one.

If we’re going to reach our climate goals, President Biden has to reverse his decision – but it’s up to us to make it happen. Will you add your name to our petition calling on President Biden to withdraw his approval and say #NoLNG?

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