Mission Ridge ownership proposes expansion of the Mission Ridge ski area on private and public lands. The development plans include A multifamily community, comprised of single-family homes and condominium units, that would be built in
four phases over approximately 20 years. The proposed site plan includes approximately 870 units and
associated road access (~4.2 miles). The development is on lands adjacent to Forest Service ( FS ) lands, the overall project is dependent on public Forest Service lands. The FS says: “Although the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is not responsible for permitting actions on private
land, proposed project details for this private parcel are included here to give context for the overall
project. Development on the private land would include: two chairlifts (Bottom of Chair 7 and all of Chair
8) and associated alpine ski runs, parking, Nordic skiing and snowshoe trails. ”
This proposal is dependent on FS lands for viability, the FS is responsible if the use of government lands will affect other government lands and private lands. Use of government lands or government monies can not contribute to the need to list any species no matter where the species is found, even outside of the project boundary. This must be addressed by the FS in the Environmental Assessment.
The project will have serious effects on the watershed, roads, fire, air quality (particulates and overall air quality), aesthetics, wildlife, ground water, surface water, noise and certainly the CLIMATE. Any FS analysis requires an analysis of effects on climate. Cumulative effects of carbon outputs/climate change in a changing, climate change, stressed environment must be analysed. Environmental Justice must be analysed on a local and worldwide scale. The FS will try to keep the analysis as simple as possible when this is a complex analysis.
The proposal is for people with too much money. I do not see how it will benefit local skiers. Lift Ticket prices will increase significantly.
The Forest Service would like comments to be sent by Sept. 28 Comments can be mailed to District Ranger Jeffery Rivera at Wenatchee River Road, 600 Sherbourne, Leavenworth, WA, 98826 or by email at comments-pacificnorthwest-wenatchee-wrrd@fs.fed.us.   If you use email make sure you get the message relieved email response. 
Here are links to Forest Service announcement and an article from the World.  Scoping is the agency request for effects that you want analysed in the Environmental Analysis.  By  responding you retain a right to appeal the decision for the project.     SO PLEASE  RESPOND.    
If you want help in your response,  you can email me at info@350wenatchee.org and we can work it out.
Here are needed FS links:
Link to Mission Ridge comment page:

Forest service seeks comment on Mission Ridge expansion


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WENATCHEE – The U.S. Forest Service is seeking public comment on plans to expand the Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort.

The resort is seeking a permit to expand onto 155 acres of National Forest land northeast of its current location, according to a Forest Service report. The resort plans to add two ski runs on the public land, including a new beginner ski route, and a Nordic ski area.

Trees would be cut down for this project and the ground contoured for the ski runs, according to the report.

The Forest Service would like comments to be sent by Sept. 28 Comments can be mailed to District Ranger Jeffery Rivera at Wenatchee River Road, 600 Sherbourne, Leavenworth, WA, 98826 or by email at comments-pacificnorthwest-wenatchee-wrrd@fs.fed.us.

Comments must include the sender’s name and address.

The resort also plans to build on 188 acres of privately-owned land, according to the report. It wants to construct 870 new buildings including restaurants, retail stores, meeting spaces, ski repair shops, ski rental shops and a multi-family home community consisting of single-family homes and condominiums.

The construction will be done with an emphasis on minimizing the impact to the surrounding landscape, according to the report. If constructed it will include downcast lighting, non-reflective surfaces, and use colors that blend in with the natural environment.

The resort will also ensure room for open spaces, pedestrian paths and wildlife corridors, according to the report.

The project is still undergoing a Washington state environmental analysis and application approval with Chelan County, according to the Forest Service.

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