Good evening, PAWsome CATS! Here is your weekly CAT volunteer update.

And an additional schedule change from Grace:

Howdy CATs! 🌏
This is a quick update about this week’s CAT meetings:

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Grace Hope (they/them)

Leadership Development Director with 350 Seattle
Network Facilitator with the 350 WA Network
Organizing on the ancestral lands of the Puyallup Tribe and Coast Salish peoples

Huge thanks to everyone who made it to Tuesday’s All-Hands meeting. We had some great discussions about our timeline for the next few weeks, our upcoming cross trainings for platforms like ActionNetwork, and created some amazing CAT puns to use going forward!

CAT Hot Takes:

  • Taking action on the GTN Xpress Pipeline – everything you’ll need for connecting

  • Taking action on the Lower Snake River Dams – toolkit to help mobilize thousands of voices to Bonneville Power

  • Our Social Media Team would still love to hear from any volunteer who hasn’t shared what brings you to this work and what you get out of it.  We will be using these responses to help us with recruitment and sharing our mission.  If you would like to share your voice on this, please fill out our interview form here!

  • Front and Centered will be hosting their Kick-off at noon on Thursday. They have a super cool transit access tool they will be unveiling!

  • Our annual fundraising gala, Intertwined, is happening THIS SATURDAY, on November 19th at Metropolis in Seattle! It will be a fantastic evening of speakers, delicious Indian food, a raffle, and celebrating Shemona’s new position as Executive Director! We would love to see you there!

All the meetings:

  • Weekly CAT All-Hands Volunteer Call – Tuesdays @ 11am –  Zoom here

    • Our central gathering space for the campaign. Get to know people, get connected to roles in the campaign, and stay in the loop!

    • Slides from 11/15.  Sorry we don’t have a recording, it didn’t work this week!

    • All are welcome.

  • Email Team – Tuesdays @ 3pm – Zoom here

    • Our twice-weekly curated action list is at the heart of what we do at CAT (check out an awesome example from last year).

    • This is where we distill all of our policy knowledge into real actions that people can take, and it takes a whole publishing crew to make this possible.

    • Our Email Team has built out our structure for the year and we are ready to start cross training new volunteers into specific roles & skills for this crew!

      • Cross Training with Shana: Survey Monkey Thursday 11/17 @ 2pm

      • Cross Training with Rosemary and Margie on Email Writing and Editing Monday 11/21 @ 5pm

    • Check out our newly updated volunteer opportunities in our Email Team here in this CAT Roles spreadsheet and we hope you’ll join us!

    • All are welcome.

  • Lobbying Team –  Weekly on Mondays @ 12pm – Zoom here

    • Our core crew is getting ready to reach out to y’all to gather some info about your district and your lawmakers and your interests —we are building a powerful lobbying crew this year and we wanna know who we are working with!

    • Survey coming out soon!

    • All are welcome.

  • Bill Tracker & Policy Team – Weekly on Mondays @ 6-7:30pm Zoom here

    • This week Grace is setting up all of the Bill Tracker Teams with an email introduction & the basics for starting to work together. On our next call, we’ll be working together in Teams to start our journey of tracking these policies!

    • If you are interested in bill tracking but haven’t picked a team yet, no worries!  Come to Monday’s meeting or reach out to Grace and we will get you plugged in!

    • Questions? Connect with team lead David P

    • All are welcome.

  • Social Media Team – Wednesdays @ 12 pm –  Zoom here 

    • This is a fabulous crew who is ready to welcome y’all into some powerful work together for the session with education and action content. We are working on fresh recruitment material so we can sign up tons of action takers ahead of session, as well as creating educational content to keep folks engaged and ready for the upcoming session.

    • We are looking for a few more folks to join us! You don’t have to be an Instagram wiz to support social media. Check out the CAT Roles spreadsheet to see a few options of how you can get involved.

    • Follow us on Instagram @350_wa

    • Questions? Connect with team lead Elle G

    • All are welcome.

Have more questions about getting connected and need some extra support?

350 Volunteer Agreements

Please be sure to check out these awesome resources.

We are so excited to continue building a collaborative space with such a wonderful crew this year!

–The whole crew at the 350 WA CAT

All the Best,
Rachel Lockerbie (she/her)
Intern with 350 Seattle
Organizing on the ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples
We are back in person this year for our annual celebration meal and fundraiser, Intertwined, at Metropolist! November 19th. You can support my work with 350 Seattle, the 350 WA Civic Action Team, and the 350 PNW Regional Conversations by picking up your ticketsdonating items to our raffle, or even becoming an event sponsor!