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A new bill in Congress would block a bailout of Big Oil so we can focus relief on people, not polluters.

Tell Congress to pass the ReWIND Act!



Last week, the Trump Administration debuted its latest plan to bail out the fossil fuel industry and line the pockets of Big Oil billionaires. While frontline workers and communities face shortages of personal protective equipment and other essential protections, Trump continues to protect big polluters over working people.

But we’re not going to take this lying down — a group of nearly 40 members of Congress just introduced the ReWIND Act, a new bill to block the Trump Administration and Wall Street banks from bailing out the fossil fuel industry.In a public health crisis, it’s critical to send economic relief directly to the working families and vulnerable people most impacted by COVID-19.

Tell your member of Congress: Support the ReWIND Act to protect people, not polluters.

Congress is already starting negotiations on the next stimulus package, and Big Oil is on the hunt for billions in public bailouts. Fossil fuel companies are lobbying hard, but we’ve got a chance to stop this dirty giveaway and make the ReWIND Act a key part of the next stimulus.

The ReWIND Act would block Trump from using COVID-19 stimulus funds to bail out big polluters, stop many of his other bailout schemes, and ensure that the public has a say in fossil fuel infrastructure permitting processes to protect our health and wellbeing.

We can win this fight, but first we have to make it a priority for congressional leadership in the next stimulus bill — send a message today asking your member of Congress to support the ReWIND Act and ensure economic relief flows to people, not polluters!

We need your help to pressure your representative to support the ReWIND Act. The choice we face is simple: Prioritize economic relief to working families, or prop up a dying industry with no accountability that exploits communities and its workers for financial gain.

Tell Congress: Pass the ReWIND Act and block a fossil fuel bailout of any kind.

Thanks for fighting for people, not polluters,

Collin Rees
Senior Campaigner
Oil Change International


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