Last week millions of people tuned in with us to watch Earth Day Live. It was inspiring to see so many people gather together to demand that we protect the future of the planet.

Now, we need that same energy to make sure that the world’s worst polluters don’t take advantage of this moment of uncertainty to funnel billions of dollars into their own pockets and away from the people on the frontlines of the crisis.

There are two things you can do today to fight back against the fossil fuel industry:

COVID-19 has laid bare the injustice of the current economic system, exposing just how precarious millions of people’s livelihoods are while simultaneously underlining how despicable fossil fuel companies are willing to be to preserve their profit margins.

Now, as Congress drafts the next COVID-19 relief package, we need to make sure that support gets to those who need it most, especially people of color and low-income communities who have been hardest hit by this crisis because of existing structural inequality.

Unfortunately, the Trump Administration is doing the opposite. They’re giving huge handouts to oil, gas and coal companies looking to profit off this crisis.

Industry lobbyists already convinced the EPA to stop enforcing pollution regulations indefinitely, including regulations on mercury pollution that were estimated to save 17,000 lives a year. This increase in pollution will disproportionately harm Black communities and is linked to more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Now, after more lobbying, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is changing the Mainstreet Lending Program so that fracking companies and oil producers are eligible to use our public dollars to pay their pre-existing debt.

We can fight back — these tactics are meant to take advantage of a disorganized public that isn’t able to work together. If we work together we can stop these bailouts.

That’s also why there are two actions here: one for impact today and one that sets us up to win in the future.

The bottom line is this: people, not corporations, should receive relief from the federal government in this time of extreme suffering.

Thanks for all you do,
Stop the Money Pipeline

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