Chase, makes it very difficult to find out how to contact them.    The  below information covers it.  They may require an account, but give it a try.  I have my unactivated Chase credit card for this purpose,    but from the directions below it seems it is open access.  While your on the line let them know that Wells Fargo donated 5 million dollars  to Tribes for development of Renewable Energy on reservations.    Tell  them they are obligated to exceed the 5 million donation.  Be sure to tie them up for as long as possible.  Mention Matt Arnold, head of sustainability at Chase.  Ask him how he sleeps at night.


Hi all –

Wanted to let y’all know about a new direction we have taken our Chase efforts in here in Seattle: holding Chase’s “Head of Sustainability” Matt Arnold personally responsible for Chase’s investments in climate disaster.

As Chase’s Global Head of Sustainability, Matt Arnold is the man most responsible for Chase’s investments in climate disaster. Under Arnold’s watch, JPMorgan Chase has increased its financing in tar sands by 400%, and increased its investments in coal by a whopping 21x. Also under Arnold’s watch, Chase just renewed a $625 million to Enbridge despite the fact that it is the company trying to build the LIne 3 pipeline against the wishes of the Ojibwe people whose treaty rights would be violated by the project. Matt Arnold needs to be held responsible.

For this reason, we are asking people to call Chase’s customer service to lodge an official complaint about Matt Arnold, and how he is neglecting his duties by allowing Chase to give loans to companies like Enbridge.

I’m wondering if any folks on here would like to amplify this action, by:

  1. Using these talking points and call script to take five minutes to call Chase’s customer service and lodge a complaint about Matt Arnold
  2. Sharing this video on your Facebook
  3. Sending an email to your list to generate calls. Email template here

For what it’s worth, here’s is why we feel this strategy makes sense:


You win corporate campaigns not (just) by disrupting branches and annoying bank managers, but by taking up the time and energy of executives. Matt Arnold is an executive with the power to ensure Chase stops funding climate disaster. We win by taking up his time, and making his life hard. For this reason, we have been directing our communications to him for some time. For example, here is our 2-page letter to Matt Arnold’s boss, Peter Scher and Chase CEO Jamie Dimon asking for Arnold to be held accountable for his failures.

What’s more, we’ve had a couple of indications that our strategy is working. Arnold recently told our friends at Rainforest Action Network that we were making him look like “a nefarious little shit” — and he was clearly annoyed by us. This is great news. It means we are getting to him. And this — coupled with the fact that Arnold is, in fact, personally responsible for Chase’s investments in climate disaster — is why we are asking people to call Chase’s 24-hour customer service line to lodge an official complaint against Matt Arnold.

At Chase, each complaint is escalated to a supervisor and we believe that if we get 100 complaints logged about Arnold that will make its way up the hierarchy and send another powerful message to Arnold. This is why I’m reaching out here to ask if any of y’all would like to help to make and generate these calls.

With deep gratitude to all that are able to take five minutes to make a call, and to help generate any more calls!