Hi all –

Wanted to let you know that a week from today Chase has a $625 million loan to Enbridge — the corporation behind Line 3 — that is due to expire. This gives Chase the perfect opportunity to walk away from this nefarious company.

As a result, 350 Seattle and a bunch of other organizations — Rainforest Action Network, Greenpeace, Sierra Club — will be generating calls to Chase all week long calling on them to stop funding Enbridge.

I’m wondering if any of y’all on here might be willing to join this action by:

  • Making a call
  • Emailing your lists about the call to action
  • Sharing social media memes about the call to action

If so, please let me know and I can share email copy, a link to the call script and social media materials with you.


Here is the phone number,  It gets you to Jamie Dimon’s office: 1 877 8237391