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Welcome to Day 2 of the Global

15 Day Plant-Rich Diet Challenge!


This Challenge can be a fun way to get your family involved in food shopping and preparing meals.  Get in touch with us and let us know what you are doing!

We’d love to see photos of plant-based dishes you’re sampling, so feel free to post them on our Facebook page any time! And we’re always looking for new recipes, so if you have one to share, we’d love to see it on Facebook.


Week 1 Breakfast Challenge – Eat a plant-based breakfast!


Plant-Based Recipe of the Day

Best Tofu Scramble…

By Nora Cooks

  • How-To Video

  • Recipe

  • Prep Time: 3 Minutes

  • Cook Time: 10 Minutes

  • Total Time: 13 Minutes

  • Servings: 2

…with Carrot Bacon!!!


By Tasty.co

  • How-To Video

  • Recipe

  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes

  • Cook Time: 10-15 Minutes

  • Total Time: 20-25 Minutes

  • Servings: 2


Fact for the Day: Ocean Plastic Pollution (Ghost Gear)

Have you been consciously reducing your dependence on plastic to help the oceans lately? Congratulations if you are. But did you know that one of the foremost contributors of plastic pollution is discarded fishing nets across oceans?

Here is an article that details extensive research done on “ghost gear” polluting the oceans, and calls for an international action to stop the plastic pollution, which is deadly for marine wildlife.

The article also mentions recent occurrences where 300 sea turtles were found dead as a result of entanglement in ghost gear off the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, last year. And in October, a pregnant whale was found entangled in ghost gear off the Orkney coast. The fishing gear was jammed in the animal’s baleen, the filter-feeder system inside its mouth, and scientists said the net would have hugely impaired the minke whale’s feeding and movement.

Bonus Tip: Knife Skills!

Great knife skills are essential to becoming a better cook, and especially a better plant-rich cook. Safe and effective knife skills are really the basis of everything you’re going to do in the kitchen.

Enjoy this fun and engaging 6-minute video where you’ll learn how to

  1. Properly hold a knife

  2. Safely chop, dice, and mince, and…

  3. Create beautiful chiffonade, julienned and rolled cuts.

Click HERE for another 1 1/2 minute video specifically about “How to chop an onion.”

You’ll be slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing like a champion in no time!

Here are links to Fact Sheets and Infographics from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) which are incredibly helpful and worth a look!.

Speaker Series Day 2 – Dr. Kathleen Kevany

Delicious Dinner Choices That Can Help Cool Our World

Dr. Kevany will highlight how well-intentioned food production has contributed to undesirable outcomes and what we can do about it. She shares how we can make small, yet significant steps towards reversing global warming and improving public health.

Dr. Kevany is an associate professor at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture, and is a Canadian expert on sustainable diets and plant-rich living.

That’s it for Day 2!  See you tomorrow!


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