Hello Friends,

Are you ready to take action on sound and just climate state policy?

Come join us at 350 WA Civic Action Team’s 2024 legislative campaign kickoff on January 3rd @ 6-7:00pm! Get connected to all the tools and resources you’ll need for taking action on sound and just climate policy with us for the 2024 Washington State legislative session.

350 WA Civic Action Team Campaign Kickoff
January 3rd, 6-7pm; Register on ZOOM

Recycling and Waste Reduction. Clean air and water. Energy issues like Building Electrification and Solar. Forestry. Housing. Police Accountability. Transportation. Economic and Human Justice. All of these policy issues and more are on the table in the 2024 Washington State legislature.

The 350 WA Civic Action Team works to make grassroots legislative advocacy easy and accessible for everyone. 

Check out our amazing 2024 draft Legislative Priorities!