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📣📣 It’s time for us to expand our understanding of what climate justice really means! 📣📣

You are invited to participate in a four-part workshop series: Broadening our Ideas of Climate Justice.


August 8th, 4-530 PT / 5-630 MT / 6-730 CT / 7-830 ET

Why Broaden Our Ideas of Climate Justice? The fight to mitigate climate change has often been framed through the framework of carbon essentialism, which articulates the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions on a rapid timeline. Though necessary and not problematic on its own, in some corners of the climate movement world, the focus on carbon can sometimes overshadow, and, in the worst cases, compromise critical components of a not only green, but also a just world. To ensure that the transition is just, we need to broaden our understanding of what climate justice really means.

Who Are These Workshops For? All four workshops are designed for people who are actively engaged in the climate movement. Organizers, staff (of all levels) with NGOs, volunteer leaders―if you are playing an active role in the climate movement, these trainings are for you. STMP coalition partners are strongly encouraged to attend.

When Are The Workshops? The first Tuesdays of the month between August – November at 4PST / 7 EST

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We encourage you to sign up for all four workshops, however, if you are not able to make all of the workshops, we encourage you to sign up for the ones that you’re able to attend. Once you RSVP, we’ll send you a calendar invite and a zoom link.


Alec – on behalf of the STMP JEDI Team*

* STMP JEDI Team = Aki, Positive Money; Arunima, Earth Guardians; Emily, 350 Wisconsin; Jason, Sunrise Project; Kerrina, Public Citizen; Leigh, THIS! Is what we did; Mary, Earth Guardians; Shemona, 350 Seattle; Jackie & Alec, STMP

Stop the Money Pipeline: Broadening our Ideas of Climate Justice

Dates and Workshop Topics

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Session 1, Sacrifice Zones in the Era of Electrification

  • When: August 8th, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

  • What: In this facilitated panel discussion, we will explore how the drive to electrification is creating new sacrifice zones by causing a massive expansion in mining for rare earth minerals. We’ll be joined by academics and frontline leaders, including speakers from the Ox Sam Camp, where Paiute-Shoshone elders have created a resistance camp to oppose the construction of an open-pit lithium mine that threatens their tribe’s sacred sights. We’ll hear from the speakers, engage in an open discussion and learn what we can do to support the Ox Sam Camp and stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities around the world whose lands are threatened by the expansion in mining being driven by the energy transition.

Session 2, Dangerous Narratives – Immigration Justice and Climate Justice

  • When: Tuesday, September 12th, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

  • What: This will be a 1.5 hour hands-on training for leaders and organizers in the climate movement of how to avoid making common mistakes when talking about immigration and the climate crisis. Partnering with migrant justice and immigration rights groups, this will be a participatory training in which we learn how to talk about immigration in a way that supports migrants, and the fight for immigration justice. We’ll participate in exercise, do small group breakouts and come away feeling more confident in our understanding of the intersections between the movements for climate justice and immigration rights.

Session 3, The Prison Industrial Complex and Climate Justice

  • When: Tuesday, October 10th, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

  • What: In this workshop, we’ll discuss how the forces of exploitation and abuse that fuel the climate crisis are also driving the prison industrial complex. Prisons are often strategically located in marginalized communities or near toxic dumping grounds, compounding and deepening the existing environmental burdens and inequities these already vulnerable communities face. Prisoners are also often required to provide severely undercompensated labor, with little to no training, to combat climate-related disasters such as wildfires. We’ll hear from the speakers, engage in an open discussion and unpack the intersections between the climate crisis and the prison industrial complex.

    Session 4, Worker Power, the Labor Movement and Climate Justice

  • When: Tuesday, November, 7th, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

  • What: In this workshop, we’ll dive into why we need a powerful low-carbon labor movement to successfully take on the massive challenge that fossil capital poses to achieving climate justice. Since the 1970’s, the Right’s strategy has been to pit labor against the environment, threatening that any action on climate or the environment would mean lost jobs. At the same time, worker rights, protections and organizing power have been bludgeoned. We can’t have climate justice without labor justice. Partnering with leaders in the labor and climate movements, together we’ll learn how to build solidarity between our movements to win a carbon-free world where we can all lead good, dignified lives.

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Alec Connon
Stop the Money Pipeline, coalition co-director

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