Hello Network!
Clean Cars 2030 is a great bill getting its first hearing in the virtual Olympia on Monday, and we’re putting the word out to get as many comments in support as possible. Please share with your members and ask them to share with friends.
HB 1204, Clean Cars 2030 would require all new cars and light trucks to be electric starting in 2030. That’s five years ahead of California! Let’s make WA the first state to transition away from polluting gasoline to cleaner electric vehicles.
The bill gets its first hearing in the House Transportation Committee on Monday, February 1 at 3:30pm.
Supporting this bill just takes a minute — Follow this link, select “PRO” from the drop down menu and leave a short comment about why you support the bill.
Here are some comment ideas:
I support Clean Cars 2030 because…
  • I want clean air.
  • I want a healthy climate.
  • Electric vehicles will save money. They’re already cheaper to fuel and maintain. They will be cheaper than gas cars by 2025.
  • The technology is here to transition to electric vehicles.
  • Electric vehicles will give Washingtonians energy independence.
  • I want our state to lead the country on the switch to clean cars.
  • The transition to electric vehicles will bring good paying, green jobs in EV manufacturing and infrastructure to Washington.
  • Vehicle pollution harms people in low income communities and communities of color the most. Clean cars will bring cleaner air to our communities.
The majority of Washington’s carbon emissions come from vehicles. This could be the most impactful bill for the climate this session!
David Perk
350 WA Civic Action Team

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