So what does stand-up leadership look like? Here’s Brad Lander, the comptroller of New York City. It’s not a sexy job (not like, say, running for president as your first public office). He’s the money guy, balancing the city’s books. But New York City has a lot of money, and that money gives you the power to do useful things that help people. When it got unbearably hot, Lander put out a video pointing out that the big banks the city does business with were still bankrolling the fossil fuel industry. It is straightforward, powerful, plainspoken:

Hey y’all,

Great new video from NYC Comptroller calling out big banks for financing fossil fuels. Please share and amplify widely:

Big thanks to our friends at Fossil Free Media for pulling this together!
– Alec

Alec Connon
Stop the Money Pipeline, coalition co-director