CCNCW met on 5/13 – the Meeting Minutes are attached
SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: Individuals may want to consider donating to Jay Inslee’s campaign for president so he can get on the National Stage and talk about the Climate Crisis at the National Democratic Debates.  He is our best hope for bringing the Climate Crisis to the debates.  He needs enough individual donors so he can be invited to these debates.  Your small contribution could help get him there. Please note, we have not endorsed his campaign, but we do see it as a way to bring the Climate Emergency to a National Level. More information:

SOME INTERESTING INFORMATION: Yale Climate Connections just sent out a “Dear Abby” type set of questions and answers addressing carbon offsets, global warming education and climate donations that make a difference.  See the attached, “Dear Sara” article.

YOUR INPUT REQUESTED: NPR would like to know:

In the several months since NPR added Climate One and Living on Earth to our program schedule, we’ve wondered how you feel about the programs? You may respond directly to me, Gillian Coldsnow at Or feel free to call me at 1-800-842-8991. 


*Wednesday – May 29th – Wenatchee Chase Bank action at 11:00 and Interfaith Meeting at 1:00

NWC UNITED: 7 Days of Action #119 (attached)

Climate Conversations NCW Minutes 5.13.19 (1) (AutoRecovered) 

Yale Climate Connections. Dear Sara

7 days of Action #119