We know that our Hydroelectric Power is MUCH better than electricity from fossil fuels – but should we be advertising for more data companies to come to our area?  Join the Chelan County’s Power Hour tomorrow at noon to hear the discussion with Sabey Data Center’s Representative, Ryan Beebout. Come and listen and ask questions. Is this how we want to share our power? Https://www.chelanpud.org/conservationhome/power-hour 

It was suggested to me that the best way to watch it was to go into your Facebook account and then do a search for chelanpud.org at noon, and it should be playing.


June 8 – Wenatchee Interfaith Climate Group meeting @ 1:00 We look at the Climate Crisis through a Spiritual point of view and take actions in faith.  If you are interested in joining us, email interfaithclimatewen@gmail.com



Support for the World – Signatures Requested – You do not have to give $

I’m Ilan. I’m the team lead for 350 Latin America and I’ve spent the last four years resisting fracking in Vaca Muerta, an area in Northern Patagonia, Argentina.

Recently, huge reserves of gas and oil were discovered in Vaca Muerta, buried deep in the shale rock – some of the largest of their kind in the world.1

Right now, only 4% of the Vaca Muerta region has been developed, but Argentinian oil giant YPF has huge plans to expand fracking there.2 This would have deadly consequences inside and outside of Argentina, pushing the Earth further towards climate breakdown.

YPF is only able to carry out its dangerous, dirty business because of the support they get from big European and U.S. banks like Morgan Stanley, HSBC, and Citibank.3

That’s why we’re launching a petition calling on banks to stop funding YPF and stop funding fracking in Vaca Muerta. Will you add your name right now and let these banks know they’re on notice?

Sign now →

Fracking companies are dumping toxic waste close to homes and farmland, damaging people’s health and poisoning their water.4 Local families live in constant fear of earthquakes caused by the fracking process.5

By lending billions of dollars to – or owning shares in – YPF, these banks are enabling destruction and making huge profits while local people suffer from cancer, asthma and skin diseases caused by fracking.6 To top it off, most of these banks are headquartered in countries and states where fracking is banned because of how dangerous it is.7

If we can cut off the flow of money and show international resistance to fracking in Vaca Muerta, we can slow down and hopefully stop YPF.

 Interested in knowing more about nation-wide Climate Efforts?

 JOIN THE NEXT STOP THE MONEY PIPELINE (STMP) CALL: Our next call is on Monday, June 13 at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern, and we meet monthly on the second Monday of the month. Are you or someone else from 350 Wenatchee able to join?

We’ll be spending this call talking about upcoming plans, hearing a presentation on effective “home demos” from Sunrise Kids NYC and engaging in discussion about upcoming actions and tactics.

Zoom details are here:

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86852453629

Meeting ID: 868 5245 3629Call-In: 253-215-8782


 7 Days of Action #265



Does our area have a program like this? https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2022/06/weatherization-and-efficiency-upgrades-can-help-mobile-home-residents-save-money/

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