Are you ready for the first-ever virtual legislative session in Washington? The 2021 session is shaping up to be like none other ― and the 350 WA Civic Action Team is here to support us in raising our voices for sound and just climate policy. Sign up and join me today!

By signing up for the 350 WA Civic Action Team, you will receive weekly emails during the legislative session with specific actions to take on key policies as they move through committees. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to make your voice heard in Olympia. All you’ll have to do is pick up your device and take action! Can you sign up here for the 350 WA Civic Action Team? 

We know that the climate crisis sits at the intersections of environmental justice, climate justice, economic justice, and racial justice. The pandemic is ravaging our personal lives and economy, and state violence continues against Black and brown communities who are also disproportionately harmed by the climate crisis. Now is the moment for people across Washington to collectively advocate for meaningful policies in Olympia. 

Last year, the 350 WA Civic Action Team generated nearly 6,000 legislator contacts during the legislative session. Together, we can make sure that sound and just climate policy is a top priority this legislative session.

Sue Kane & Jeannie Poirier -CAT Team Members – contact us at for info

350WA statewide groups that we are working on Legislation With – The poster above shows the current groups that our 350Wenatchee is working with this Legislative Session.  350WA is also working with a variety of Climate groups through the “Climate Alliance”.  Here are the legislative issues they have prioritized for this session:

You can help by writing to our legislators, or even more effective: Join the CAT Team described above.


HERE IS SOMETHING NEW AND EXCITING – Senator Brad Hawkins has introduced a bill to encourage hydrogen fuel cars in Washington State.  This Senate Bill would dovetail with the Douglas County PUD’s Clean Hydrogen project that was passed last year.  Check it out!

Not sure about “Clean Hydrogen”? Here’s a short video that describes the process.  In our case in Douglas county, the Hydrogen fuel would be made with the excess water going through dam that we currently can’t store and is wasted.  In other parts of the country they are it with solar and wind energy. (Sorry about the commercials!)

NEWS THAT IS NOT SO HOPEFUL: Here is what is happening on the Line 3 pipeline:

“When will we ever learn?  When will we ever learn?” (Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” by Pete Seeger)

ON A POSITIVE HOLIDAY NOTE: You can help make a difference in our Community!

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NCW United: Days of action #200: 7 days of Action #200
Yale Climate Connections: November  2020 Temperature
More CO2 is not always better for plants




Sue Kane – Newsletter Editor

Sue Kane and Jeanne Poirier delivered letters to Chase Bank and Wells Fargo about not funding Line 3.