Hiya CATs!


Hope you all are staying dry during this atmospheric river! 🌊 Please read below for some trainings you should be aware of in the coming week and a half!



What’s been going on this week?

  • A can’t miss bill tracker meeting with an excellent Take Action Network (TAN) training from Sarah Askey.

    • This was super helpful for bill trackers being introduced to TAN. Sarah went over what bill tracking will look like using the TAN platform.

  • Our UX Design Review is complete!!

    • Thanks to Peter for leading our crew through this work, we are excited to have a new tool and template for creating quick and easy legislative actions

  • Our Action Email Team has trainings for TAN with the new UX Design on 12/7 @ 6pm and 12/14 @4pm

  • Comms Team needs some support!

    • Check out the 350 CAT Vision for Climate Justice outline drafted by folks in the comms team.

    • This is a collaborative document meant to provide context for specific policy areas and how they relate to climate. If you have any suggestions, key ideas, or resources you would like to add, the comms team would welcome it.

  • Check out a separate email this week about more next steps for training on TAN with Sarah


What’s coming up?



Peer Coaching Sign-Up Reminder!

Consider joining our peer coaching program! Peer coaching is a structured 1-1 conversation that supports people to find solutions to challenges they’re facing, and to reflect on their experience to draw out lessons learned and build their problem-solving capacity. Quite simply, a peer coach will ask skillful questions to help the person being coached to uncover the answers in themselves. Check out this 1-pager to learn more.

Anyone in CAT can be a peer coach, and also ask for coaching!

We have THREE ways to participate in peer coaching this year:


Peer coaching pairs: get trained and connected with another trained CAT volunteer. Take turns being a coach and getting coached during the session. Meet on a regular schedule or on an as-needed basis (we suggest at least once a month).

Peer coaching pool: trained peer coaches are available for 1-off session with CAT volunteers who’d like coaching, on an as-needed basis. This is a flexible role that you can do a lot or a little of as your time and energy allow.

Get coached: reach out to coaches in the pool when you need support and would like to set up a coaching conversation.

‼️ Fill out this short form if you are interested in being a peer coach, either as part of a pair or in the peer coaching pool. ‼️


Community CAT Spotlight!


This week’s community CAT is Gizmo AKA Pizzy! Pizzy is a BIG fan of curling up in the sunshine. Let’s all channel this energy during this gloomy and rainy week. Thanks to Kevin McCracken for sending in this cutie 🙂 email me (claire@350seattle.org) to be featured next week!



Thanks everyone!!! Have a good week!