Howdy CATs!


Please read below for our weekly updates from CAT. This email should be your one-stop-shop for keeping up to date with CAT priorities across the board. These emails are meant to be recaps of the week and a space to update folks with the latest and greatest!



Read all the way through or you’ll miss some pawsitively purrfect pictures!! 🙀


What’s been happening since last week?

  • Intertwined last Saturday at Metropolist was a success! We raised over $20,000 (!!!) and heard some great speeches from 350 Seattle leaders on our 10-year anniversary! (Stay tuned for the captioned video and more photos)!

  • Thank you to all of our CATs who volunteered and joined us (in-person and live-stream)  to celebrate, and there’s still time to become a donor and support our CAT efforts financially, along with so much other awesome work that 350 Seattle does.


  • Monday night during the weekly Bill Tracking Team call, we got a great overview of what it looks like to actually track a bill.

  • Bill Trackers – check your inboxes for a deeper recap and next steps, it’s time for CAT volunteers to start signing up for current bills we have for our draft 2024 legislative priorities. New bills are coming on December 4th as bills start getting “prefiled”!


What’s coming up this week?

  • Pre-Session Lobbying is December 4th-8th!

    • Be sure to sign up for our “Pre-Session Advocacy Days” we’re co-hosting with partners and meet with your lawmaker and fellow constituents ahead of session! Shoutout to Tara for holding down a major role in organizing those lawmaker meetings and for our other CATs involved.

  • This next week there are two Office Hours opportunities for constituents on 11/29 and 11/30

    • Lobbying Policy areas:

      • Hold Oil Companies Accountable

      • The Washington Recycling and Packaging Act (The WRAP Act)

      • 100% Clean School Buses


  • Bill tracking call 11/27 6-7p

    • For this coming Monday’s call, we are excited to have a special focus on Policy Accountability & Criminal Justice Reform with Camille Baldwin-Bonney. We’ll be making connections with the recent webinar Prison Justice is Climate Justice from the Broadening our Ideas of Climate Justice series (video; password T#62byr@)

  • Weekly Comms Team call 11/22 5-6p!


Don’t furget!

  • The 350 WA CAT Volunteer Guide has everything you need to know about everything! Just kidding, not everything, but it has a whole lot (trainings and education and resources oh my!)

  • Bored on a Tuesday and need something to do? Check the 350 WA CAT Google Calendar and join something we have going on that week 🙂


A few CATs at Intertwined, 350 Seattle’s 10-Year anniversary party on 11/18/23.


One last thing – you may have heard about plans for a December CAT party! Thanks to all the CATs who weighed in on the scheduling poll 😸. After checking in with teams and hearing a lot about capacity crunch, we’re going to postpone this gathering so folks can focus on getting ready for session in the next 3 weeks. We still want to connect and celebrate with y’all – so be on the lookout for opportunities to get together once the session is underway.


Have a restful break everyone! See you all back at it next week 🙂