This morning 5 activists from across Washington locked themselves together inside the rotunda of the Department of Natural Resources. They intend to remain until Commissioner Franz meets with them in person, and protest the DNR’s logging of legacy state forests.

3 ways to support right now:

  1. Call Commissioner Franz’s office (360) 902 1000 and say, “Commissioner Franz: be a climate leader and preserve our forest for future generations!”
  2. Share & amplify! Follow @350pdx on Twitter & IG for live updates today.
  3. Head down to the Capitol in Olympia and support the people risking arrest!

Activists are willing to risk arrest because the DNR, and its governing body, the Board of Natural Resources (BNR), and Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz — are ignoring the public who overwhelmingly oppose sale of older legacy forests across Washington. Activists refuse to leave the rotunda until they meet with Commissioner Franz to discuss their demands.

Let’s support our friends taking risk and the communities impacted by industrial logging!

Thank you!

– 350 Seattle

More photos and videos available here


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