Amazing news: Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW), backers of a controversial methanol refinery and export proposal in Kalama, Wash., officially abandoned the development, terminating the company’s lease with the Port of Kalama.

And the crowd goes wild!!!!!

We are inspired by thousands of people who contributed to this victory in so many ways over the years. The corporation’s highly-anticipated decision comes after years of local and regional activism to stop the massive fracked gas refinery—and a series of legal defeats.

Your support of Columbia Riverkeeper made today’s stunning victory possible. Our attorneys worked tirelessly on legal strategy and briefs. Our community organizers inspired thousands of people to turn out at rallies. Check out the catchy tune and music video my coworker Kate Murphy created. We even wrote a musical to capture the victory. Thank you for fueling every legal challenge, rally, and media story that moved Gov. Inslee from supporting to opposing the project. And ultimately convinced state regulators to do the right thing. Together, we did it!

A quick recap on NWIW’s terrible year:

· In early 2021, Washington state denied a key permit based on the refinery’s significant climate and shoreline impacts, a decision that followed state and federal court rejections of other permits challenged by Columbia Riverkeeper and our allies.

· NWIW appealed Washington state’s decision. Represented by the incredible legal team at Earthjustice, Columbia Riverkeeper and our allies intervened to defend the state’s decision.

· Today, the Port of Kalama announced that NWIW terminated its lease to build along the Columbia. Following seven years of NWIW trying to convince Gov. Inslee and Washington officials to support a fracked gas refinery, we won!

When you love a place as much as I love the Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, you keep fighting. You keep swimming in wild rivers. You keep hiking in dense forests. Or you just stare at the glassy Columbia on those rare, windless nights here in the Gorge. And let the calm wash over you at a time when you need it most. Let’s keep fighting for what we love.