Hey all:

This is Selden Prentice from 350 Seattle. I’m writing mainly to those of you in Democratic Congressional districts in case you’d like to write to key Congressional staffers about the debt ceiling compromise which green lights the Mountain Valley Pipeline and undermines NEPA.
The toolkit linked below offers a draft email and links to staffers. I notice Marilyn Strickland is listed as an office to target.
In solidarity,
Selden Prentice

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Subject: RE: URGENT: Remind Congress of opposition to Dirty Deal in debt bill!
Date: May 29, 2023 at 11:39:39 AM PDT
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Hi all –
For those who are online, please consider reaching out to Congress (especially key targets in House leadership, the CPC, and Rules Committee) to urge them to vote for a clean debt ceiling bill. The House vote is scheduled for Wednesday, so we’ve got these next 48 hours to put the pressure on.
Here’s a toolkit we’re working on with draft email language and a contact list.