Solutionary Rail Update:
A Future Where Farmers & Salmon Thrive


Thank you to everyone who attended last week’s presentation on the latest update of Solutionary Rail’s work on a proposed Rosalia to Pasco Shortline Rail Access Corridor for SE Washington.

If you missed the presentation, or want to watch it again or share with others, please check out the video recording and slides at:

Solutionary Rail Needs Your Support:

Amidst a world of divisions and conflict, Solutionary Rail is working to offer solutions. Our Rosalia to Pasco Shortline Access Corridor is the most specific and tangible expression of this that I can imagine. We are plotting a future in which farmers and salmon thrive and communities are reconnected.  As I reach out to folks along this corridor to hear their aspirations, the Solutionary Rail proposal evolves to incorporate their needs.

This is a critical and unique kind of organizing. There are no grants for this combination of analysis, creativity, and hard work. There is no state contract to do this study. We’ve set so much other work aside – including organizing fundraising events and appeals – in order to bring something of real value to an otherwise intractable conflict.

There is no other source of support for Backbone Campaign and Solutionary Rail except people like you. You are all we’ve got. And so, I ask you to do what you can to keep us going.

Over the next month, Amy and I have to raise at least $60k to keep our organization going. I don’t like asking for money, but I absolutely LOVE doing this work. Please reflect on how much you value and believe in what we are doing. Then, determine how important it is to you that we continue. That will reveal what is a meaningful amount for you to pitch-in to propel us forward.

We love monthly donations because they provide a foundational sense of peace. Large end of year contributions also provide an anchor for the months ahead. Some people donate stock or from their IRA. Please reflect on this and chose a way to support that is right for you. Call me if you want to discuss it.

In collaboration & gratitude,

Bill Moyer
Solutionary Rail
c. 206-356-9980