1. SAVE ORCA – Comment period open now

Scientists tell us that increased ‘spill’ and lower Snake River dam removal are two of the most beneficial actions we can take to increase salmon abundance for orca, especially during critical months of winter. For more on this, check out SOS’s action page.

Tell Inslee and the Orca Task Force that you “Strongly Support” Recs #8 and #9. The deadline for making comments is Monday, 10/29.

RECOMMENDATION #8 calls for immediate action until these four dams are gone to increase the amount of water ‘spilled’ at all eight lower Snake and Columbia River dams so baby salmon migrating to the ocean in spring can survive and return as adults in greater numbers.

RECOMMENDATION #9 calls for immediate action to begin planning for the removal of the four lower Snake River dams and restoration of this historic salmon river by convening government, tribal and other stakeholders now to develop a just transition plan for dam removal and river restoration.

In the form’s comment section, let Inslee and OTF know you demand urgent action!  Urge that Rec #9 be strengthened, with an aggressive timeline for the stakeholder group and that the planning process utilize all the cost/benefit, economic analyses, and scientific studies that already exist.