Going through the video to improve slides and make lots of minor edits reinforced my sense of gratitude for Tom White and all of you with whom SR collaborates and learns from.

I absolutely LOVE this statement by Tom and feel like it cuts to the heart of what is the matter with Washington state Department of Transportations lack of expertise, vision, commitment, or seriousness about rail as a  tool for serving the public interest.

“I see absolutely no reason whatsoever to study a ‘range of alternatives.’ Our mission in 1992 was to develop a service to get the maximum number of people off of highways onto a train. It was not a small, a medium and a large plan or anything like that. It was, “We’ve got all these people on this highway. You figure out to how get them off.” That should be the mission right now. And it isn’t.”

It is time to escalate our actions for rail in the public interest in Washington state and across the US. I hope that this interview and exploration of some of Tom’s work will inform and inspire you to do just that. For access to the slides, a synopsis of the Amtrak Cascades Long Range Plan (AC-LRP), Tom’s bio, slides, proposed budget amendments and more visit

I hope you will take a look at the video and share the webpage with others/and the video in social media.
with gratitude & solidarity,

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