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I’m back with another update, as it has been a big day in the insurance world. Earlier today, the news broke that two German insurers, Talanx and Munich Re, are dropping their insurance policies for the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline and ruling out the tar sands sector entirely, following years of campaign pressure and Indigenous-led engagement!
Trans Mountain’s insurance policy is up for renewal on August 31 of this year, and so a global coalition of environmental NGOs, First Nations, and finance campaigners is pressuring the rest of the project’s insurers to rule out insuring the pipeline and its expansion. The risks of these pipelines are so great that under Canadian federal law, the current pipeline and its expansion are not able to transport any oil without insurance. So if we can stop the flow of insurance money, we can stop the flow of oil – or, at the very least, we can generate additional financial controversy around the Trans Mountain expansion project.
Can you amplify the news and help pressure Liberty Mutual and the remaining insurers to drop the pipeline? (Here’s a graphic you can use.)
Take action! You can also call, email, and sign petitions targeting the remaining insurers here: Insure Our Future, RANSierra Club CTSierra Club WAStand, SumOfUs.
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P.S. Want to help ramp up the pressure on Liberty Mutual and other insurers that are backing Trans Mountain over the course of this summer? Please reach out to me – we’ve got lots of schemes and a digital toolkit!

Sulakshana (she/her)

Energy Finance Campaigner

Rainforest Action Network

sulakshana@ran.org | (703) 589 0040

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