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No 350 Eastside Community Meeting this month.  We hope you will be enjoying all the love and leisure, and summer fun that September brings your way.

Oppose PSE 20% Rate Increase

A large coalition of organizations and individuals asks the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission to reject dramatic increases in our energy bills (approximately 20% over the next three years).

PSE seeks to fund projects that are harming our communities and the environment.  We want PSE to focus on clean, reliable, affordable energy, rather than prioritizing profits for foreign investors.

Read the four-page letter from the Washington Clean Energy Coalition here and add your name below before Sept. 21, 2022 or send your own letter.

350 Seattle/Portland Training Camp

We’re working on cooking up a super-exciting regional Agents of Change training for next summer—in concert with 350PDX and other Oregon forest defenders (sadly, we had to cancel this year’s Agents of Change). As part of that, we’d love for you to join us in Oregon from September 16th -18th for Deep Roots: Trainings for Forest & Climate Action, to learn and practice nonviolent direct action skills, connect with others in the forest and climate defense communities, and sleep under the stars in an old growth forest.

We know it’s a long way, but it will be worth it!

The camp will take place in the proposed Flat Country timber sale, an old growth forest set to be logged within the Willamette National Forest, near the town of McKenzie Bridge, OR. These crucial forests are located in the headwaters of the iconic McKenzie River, a drinking water source for many. Together, we’ll learn and draw from the lessons and strengths of both the climate justice and forest defense movements, with the goal of building a vibrant direct action movement to protect our communities, forests, and climate.

We’ll build relationships, learn new skills, and get connected with ongoing campaigns to protect communities, climate, and forests throughout the PNW. Trainings & workshops include organizing & participating in direct action, creating vibrant protest art, decolonization and forest defense, Know Your Rights, organizing with affinity groups, and more.

Following the camp, there will be opportunities to plug into upcoming actions and campaigns, including a kayak flotilla on the McKenzie River in opposition to the Flat Country timber sale. For more information or if you need to borrow camping gear, reach out to the Oregon coordinator of the camp. If you want to offer or look for a ride, use this group carpool.

To register, please fill out this form!

In solidarity,
the Pledge of Resistance team

350.org Fossil Free Campaign

During the month of August, we saw shocking numbers from the fossil fuel industry as each big oil giant came out publishing their profit statements and showing that as the climate impacts worsen and our cost of living rises, they continue to rake up billions at the cost of our dear planet and people!

It’s time for us to reunite with energy and ramp up the pressure, and the next weeks will be of flourishing and inspiring action! August ends with a series of sessions led by experienced organizers from all over the world, on the Climate Justice Conversations. In September, we will see a new wave of Global Climate Strikes shine, and activists will get together in an exciting Climate Justice Camp to prepare for COP27.

All over the world, the climate movement is raising our voices to put an end to the destructive fossil fuels era. Come with us on this issue to know more about what happened in the last month, and how you can join us for what comes next!

Why don’t you join our Fossil Free mailing list for all the latest stories on climate organizing from around the world. Stories that matter. Campaigns that inspire. All delivered directly to you every month.


Third Act

In these perilous times, we grapple with key questions: What is democracy? What does it look like in our everyday lives?

Our community has spoken up, and it’s clear that Third Actors like you want to act to safeguard our democracy in all kinds of ways. We’re writing to invite you to join our upcoming Teach-in: Building the Democracy We Want – Elections And Beyond, on September 7, 2022 at 7:00 – 8:30pm ET / 4:00 – 6:30pm PT. Register here


Participating panelists represent organizations tackling voting rights and access, election integrity, mutual aid, and a deep understanding of the historical limitations of current governmental systems to meet our needs. Through lively discussion and Q+A, we will explore how we might build the just, caring, and democratic society we all need.

Sunrise Movement

After a lengthy period of self-reflection and reorganization this group of under-35 young people have an ambitious post-Covid agenda. Check out their website!


Sunrise is building a movement of young people across race and class to stop the climate crisis and win a Green New Deal. We will force the government to end the reign of fossil fuel elites, invest in Black, brown and working class communities, and create millions of good union jobs. We’re on a mission to put everyday people back in charge and build a world that works for all of us, now and for generations to come.


To win a Green New Deal, we will need to break through the lies told by fossil fuel corporations and shift millions of people across race, class, and region so they believe these three things:

1.     We need governments to tackle the climate crisis because corporations won’t.

2.     Climate solutions can and must improve the lives of everyday people without       leaving anyone behind.

3.     If everyday people unite, we can force our government and democracy to work for all of us.


Our opponents are building the world they want right in front of our eyes. We need to be just as clear about the world we want to build, and use our worldview to guide our strategy, policies, messaging and the ways we interact. Our proposed worldview pulls ideas from many traditions: Democratic Socialism, Indigenous ways of understanding our relationships with each other and land, Latin American Participatory Democracy, Black Feminism and Abolition.

Where the status quo is built on the legacy of slavery and genocide, uses strategic racism to pit us against one other, and systematically destroys communities of color, we come together to build a powerful multiracial society that will confront our history and recognize differences in identity as strengths.

Where the status quo tells us that everyday people are irrational, powerless and must accept the world as it is, we believe that power comes from people coming together, and every person has a role in changing our society and creating a democracy that works for all of us.

Where the status quo imagines the government as a violent, corrupt tool of the greedy elite, we fight for a government that uses its full power to guarantee people’s basic needs and maintain the health of our planet.

Where the status quo exploits workers’ labor and uses us as tools for profit, we believe that workers deserve dignity, respect, and power in the workplace.

Where the status quo enables the greedy elite to destroy our land, air and water to line their pockets, we seek to build an economy where people live in harmony with the planet.

Move Redmond

Let’s Move Redmond, an Open Streets event on Saturday, September 10th from 11am-3pm!

Planning for Just, Sustainable, and Inclusive Communities

An East King County Welcoming Week Event

Friday, Sept. 16, 12-3pm

Redmond City Hall: 15670 NE 85th St Redmond WA 98052


Our region is embarking on Major Comprehensive Plan Updates alongside a range of other important decisions including affordable housing, economic development, transportation, environmental impacts, and more. How are racial and cultural equity principles being applied in framing needs, identifying solutions, and investing in our communities?


What’s possible in our cities and communities? Who decides, and how?

We welcome Dr. Julian Agyeman, Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. Dr. Agyeman’s keynote presentation on “just sustainabilities” will spark discussions and connections at this gathering of passionate community leaders from diverse sectors, identities, and experiences.


Dr. Agyeman believes that “what our cities can become (sustainable, smart, sharing and resilient) and who is allowed to belong in them (recognition of difference, diversity, and a right to the city) are fundamentally and inextricably interlinked. We must therefore act on both belonging and becoming, together, using just sustainabilities as the anchor, or face deepening spatial and social inequities and inequalities.”

Julian Agyeman, Ph.D. FRSA FRGS is a Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. He is the originator of the increasingly influential concept of just sustainabilities, which explores the intersecting goals of social justice and environmental sustainability, defined as “the need to ensure a better quality of life for all, now, and into the future, in a just and equitable manner, whilst living within the limits of supporting ecosystems.”


Lunch provided from 12-1. The program begins at 1:00 followed by optional networking time from 3-4pm.


The keynote presentation will be livestreamed and recorded for those unable to attend.


Space is limited. Register today.  Note: This event is targeted to Eastside Councilmembers, legislators, business community members, planners/commissioners, city staff, equity/environmental advocates, community-based organizations and leaders of color. As the event gets closer, we’ll share a link to view the livestream (and recorded) key note speaker’s presentation.

350 Eastside Online fundraiser – SAVE THE DATE!

September 18, 2022

4-5:30 pm

350 Eastside is commissioning an engineering study to assess the feasibility and impact of embarking on an aggressive, equity centered, rapid decarbonization pathway, in line with the urgency of the climate crisis we face, for the residents of eastern King County.  This information is of interest to local officials, environmental organizations, religious and other justice non-profits in the area, as well as members of the East King County Public Utility (EKCPUD) campaign.


EES Consulting (the engineering firm 350 Eastside is working with) has already completed Phase 1 of the study. We are now seeking funding ($75,000) for the second phase of the study which will assess:

  • A pathway for a rapid transition away from fossil fuels and scale-up of a resilient, renewably-generated electrical grid;
  • Policies, practices, and methods to ensure a just and equitable transition to a lower carbon future for the residents of East King County
  • The “nuts and bolts” of running a new utility company, including the specifics of acquiring PSE’s infrastructure; start-up costs; financing, obtaining and pricing electricity to supply customer’s needs; ensuring supply; and service delivery certainty.

Can’t wait for the fundraising event to donate? Help us launch Phase 2 of the engineering study outlined above by donating now by clicking on this link. Thank YOU!

Stop the Money Pipeline (STMP)-upcoming equity and organizing trainings

Why Equity and Organizing trainings? Not only is challenging the legacies of racism, colonialism and patriarchy the right thing to do from any moral point-of-view, but we know that can only win if we build a multiracial, intersectional movement that is powerful enough to take on Wall Street.

One of the biggest barriers to winning is racism, patriarchy, and other systems of oppression – and how they show up in our organizations and prevent us from building the power we need. As such, these workshops are designed to not only help us be better people and better organizers, but to run better, more effective campaigns as a result.


Things to know about the Equity and Organizing Training Series

· These trainings will be led by Ericka Taylor. Ericka is the Popular Education Manager for the Take on Wall Street campaign of Americans for Financial Reform. Immediately prior to joining Take on Wall Street, she served as a Co-Director of DC Working Families Party. Ericka has over 25 years of experience in popular education, organizing, and advocacy, including serving on the boards or steering committees of the National Organizers Alliance, Progressive Technology Project, YouthAction, Western States Center, National Priorities Project, La Clínica del Pueblo, and Jews United for Justice. Ericka is also a regular review contributor to NPR Books, and her writing has appeared in Willow Springs Magazine, Bloom, and The Millions.

· These trainings are designed to support white-identifying organizers in furthering their anti-racism and anti-oppressions skills.
If you identify as BIPOC or as multiracial and would like to attend, you are welcome to do so; however, please note that the trainings are particularly geared to supporting white organizers in developing the skills required to dismantle white supremacy and other systems of oppression in their own organizing and organizations.

More on this: We are not making this an exclusively white caucus space, as the STMP JEDI Team recognizes that white supremacy and oppression can also be perpetuated by people of color. However, we also recognize the emotional labor that BIPOC folks often disproportionately take on when doing anti-oppression work with white organizers. To that end, we will strive to ensure that the trainings are beneficial to all that attend.

· The workshops are designed to be sequential and to build on one another. To that end, we encourage you to attend all of them. However, if you can only attend two or three, we encourage you to still join us.

Stop the Money Pipeline: Equity & Organizing Training Series


Session 2, Building Solidarity Across Lines of Difference
Tuesday, September 27th, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

What: We will explore what white supremacy is and how it shows up in movement organizations (both implicitly and explicitly). We will go deep on what we can do to tackle white supremacy in our organizing, how we can center and respect the leadership of BIPOC, and how we can build more powerful coalitions and alliances across racial difference.


Session 3, Distributing Organizational Power & Labor
When: Tuesday, October 25th, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

What: We will look at how inequities can be embedded in organizational structures and culture. We will explore different examples of organizations that have proactively addressed their structure and culture to make their spaces more transparent, accessible and equitable.

Session 4, Bringing It All Together
Tuesday, November, 22nd, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

What: This is when we bring it all together. We will reflect on what we have learned about dismantling white supremacy, building meaningful partnerships across lines of difference, and how equity is – and is not – reflected in our organizational structures and cultures. We will spend time creating plans to actualize our learnings together.



Emily, Lin, Lynn, Marilyn, Phil and Sarah

350 Eastside

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