Hi Jeanne,

The U.S. insurance giant, Marsh, is backing a disastrous project that will generate over 34 million tons of carbon emissions every year and put us further away from global climate targets: the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).1

But we have a chance to stop it. Without insurance, EACOP can’t be built.

Next Tuesday, activists across the world will gather at Marsh head offices in New York, Brussels, London, and Paris, to demand they drop EACOP.

If we can show them the huge scale of international public outrage, they’ll see that backing EACOP will damage their public reputation. Jeanne, a while ago you signed our petition calling on Marsh to drop EACOP — thank you so much. Can you share on your social network and help reach the 30,000 signature goal?


Local activists in Uganda and Tanzania have been fighting to halt EACOP for years. In February 2023, 10 Ugandan and Tanzanian organizations launched a complaint against Marsh with the US Government. Now Marsh is being directly called out for its critical role in human rights and environmental violations through insuring EACOP.2

The #StopEACOP movement is gaining momentum. Big banks like Standard Chartered are withdrawing their support for the project, joining 24 other major banks and 23 insurers who’ve publicly rejected the project.3 Jeanne, public pressure works. And that is why we need your help to share on your social network so we can get as many signatures as we can calling on Marsh to drop EACOP.


Thank you,

Deborah Wong for 350.org


1 – Stop EACOP
2 – Energy Voice
3 – Stop EACOP


PO Box 843004, Boston, MA 02284-3004

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